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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scourge of the Botkin Challenge!

For the June 2011 Moses Botkin Challenge, I managed to come up with a real 'challenge'...a self-portrait. Started mine before we left for a week at IAPS, and worked on it 2 sessions after we got home. I think I should call it lobster-bake. However, when it gets dry, I can adjust those colors to my pale pink Irish complexion that better suits my flourescent red hair :)

11x14" oil on panel

"Morning Light" 10x8-inches 
© oil on canvas
by Ruth Andre

“Lady In Red aka Me at 60” 
oil on hardboard 8x8”

10x10 oil on linen board
(c) 2011 Robin Cheers

10x10" oil on linen

7"x8" Oil on canvas board
©2011 Diana Moses Botkin