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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Roots...and I don't mean hair!

While developing MyArtTutor, I have 'opened the door' to creative thinking. When we had our marketing company my title was 'Creative Actualizer'. That meant that I could be an idea person and have someone else develop the ideas. Kind of appropo for someone who exhibits ADD from time to time :)

Good friend Susan and I were talking about this (her birthday is Dec 6 with mine) when a lightbulb exploded in my head...she and I and another designer touched, designed, wrote around 100 knit, crochet, other stitchery leaflets in the 80s and 90s. DUH. We own copyrights on may not be far behind. Then I remembered that my sister-in-law, Lisa had re-gifted me with a sack of things she thought I'd like back. Turns out it was the original baby blankets from one of the books! Talk about voodoo...

Bet you are wondering where this is going, aren't ya? WELL, the other night I realized that while we all google ourselves, how many of us google the 'other names' we might have used? Well, I did it, and found many of these books online...some I didn't even remember! Some I probably shouldn't (remember).

Here is the first I designed all on my own. Happens to be the first ever book that utilized plastic canvas for needlework in 1979-80. I think it sold over 250,000 copies. Isn't this a hoot? BUT, not bad for a weekend flurry of activity...

This second book is what I really enjoyed designing...worlds apart!

And here is a slideshow for another laugh or 2!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moses-Botkin December Challenge "Hot/Cold"

With it being full-blown winter here in Northwest Arkansas, and craze holiday stuff at the same time, 5 of us from the Moses-Botkin Challenge made the deadline this month. I've been doing nothing but computing as I refine MyArtTutor, BUT that is subject for another post!

Without further ado, here is the challenge from Marie Fox,
"Warm and Cool, or Hot and Cold: opposites must both be included. Subject could be interpreted literally as in a bowl of cold cereal, and cup of hot tea, or an interior showing a cozy fireplace and snow outside. Or in less literal ways such as warm and cool moods, or warm and cool colors."

"Iced Coffee and Biscuit"
©2009 Vicki Ross
8x12 Oil on Panel

"Fire and Ice"
Oil on hardboard

Suzanne Berry 

"Colors Warm and Cool"
Oil on canvas, 8"x10"

©2009 Marie Fox 

"Winter Rooftops"
Oil on hardboard, 6"x6"
©2009 Michael Naples 

"Waiting for Global Warming"
Oil on hardboard

Unframed, 4"x6"
Diana Moses Botkin 

Monday, December 7, 2009 is launched!

(read the entire post here)

For those who have missed my presence...hahaha...on Blogger and on Facebook, I'm b-a-a-a-c-c-c-k!

My alter ego self, Victoria has been in control, immersed me in a new idea that is going live this week, and is making me announce it here and now! will enable art tutors who live all over the world teach students from all over the world in a virtual setting. Artists who have studied with our tutors in a traditional environment who want to continue their studies will LOVE this new way to study at their own pace…in their own studio, and without the travel expense and time off work. All students will be able to experiment with new tutors, tutors whom they have always wanted to study with, in all mediums and subjects.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding. 

First to go live was Leslie B. DeMille, with an e-book titled "How to Draw Cats & Kittens",  a charming example of his soft pastel technique on velour paper. Download today for only $17.95 (regular $19.95). His two newest DVDs, produced by Jack Richeson Company are also available.

Timothy C. Tyler has a DVD available on 'The Still Life from Start to Finish", and one for "Painting the Portrait". His introductory virtual classes are now accepting students. Special introductory pricing on these as well...but hurry! Class #101B "How to Paint the Simple Still Life" has a limit of 50 students. You can audit the class as Class #101A with read only access. What a wonderful way to find out his techniques, then you can choose from his other more interactive classes!

Gift Certificates are available in any amount.

Coming soon (within the next few months) are: Margaret Evans, Kippy Hammond, Julie Mayser, Kay Polk, JoAnn 'CotyJo' Smith, and Urania Christy Tarbet.  There are surprises right around the corner (and not all involve a brush with pigment) with additional tutors and many more classes!

If you practice in accord with your individual capacity, 
little by little you will find more pleasure and joy in it. 
As you gain inner strength, 
your positive actions will gain in profundity and scope. 

To be added to the MyArtTutor newsletter, register here! (this is the shopping cart portion of the main website...more detailed information will always be on the main website.) You can opt out at any time, and there are no strings will help you be among the first to know about new additions, the MAT blog, and new and ever changing class/study/paint opportunities taught by the world's best tutors!