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Friday, June 15, 2012

Moses Botkin Challenge June 2012

"Josh & Jessie"
10x16" Oil on Linen
© V.N.Ross

Challenge group member Mark Adams threw out the challenge for this month "Chiaroscuro" which loosely translated means light and dark. One strong light source which throws the form into dark shadow. 

I almost didn't finish yesterday, and still see some edits that will improve this. BUT, I haven't missed a Moses Botkin Challenge in over 2 years! I used several of my experimental techniques on this one: good drawing with my grid, verdaccio (grey-green underpainting) for value study, color layer in 4 posterized values, and finally a prismatic palette for the skin tones. Throw in a bit of Les DeMille on the hair...and there you go! Easy-peesy :) One of these days...I'll know how to get straight where I want to go.

"Theological Studies"

Original oil 5"x7"

"In the Pit" 

7"x10" Oil on panel

©2012 Mark Adams

"Basque Dancer"

7"x9" Oil

©2012 Mary Maxam