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Friday, November 15, 2013

Selfish...oops, SHELLFISH MB challenge Nov 2013

hahaha! Wicki is acting up again.

Axully, my lobster might be better this way! My first crack at encaustics. Man, it is harder than it sounds like it would be...wax is all melted nice and fluid, made up in my double primary palette...but the second you lift the brush it starts to harden. I think it will be easier to pre-mix my colors, then mix with the wax/damar.

Kudos to the artists who manage to achieve a glass-like surface. I'll keep up with the experiment for awhile.

Just Kiddin!

Suzanne chose this month's theme, and as usual she and Diana nailed theirs!

"Pick Me...Not!"
7.5" x 7.5", Encaustic
© V.N.Ross

Oil on hardboard, 4"x6"
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

16x16" oil on linen
©Suzanne Berry