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Friday, September 26, 2008

Things to make YOU smile!!!

Traded up to a new phone last week, so have been trying to learn how to use it (a Sprint Instinct) and a 'Jawbone' ear thingie. Randy refuses to switch to AT&T, so I can't have the latest Apple toy. Funny how I can do just about anything on a computer (mac, of course), but can't use a remote OR walk and chew gum at the same time. I am determined to figure out this hands-free ear piece, though.

The SMILIN' part are the 2 photos I had on my old Treo...OBVIOUSLY from a birthday. The one with the pink ribbon is my birthday, I suspect the purple ribbon is Josh or Jessie's b'day dinner. He took both pics with his cell phone, and then sent to mine. They both think I am way 'cool', cause I do stuff that makes people laugh. Well, either laugh or cry...I prefer laugh!

I figure these will make you fall down in the floor laughing...I probably should have gone into theater...comedy, of course!

Kinda remind you of Lucille Ball?
After 14 days straight working on Mr. Les' new website, I haven't even darkened the door of the studio. Didn't want to let that left brain off the hook too quick. Reached a point where I thought I could give it a break...Realized that Nancy at Eurekan Art in Eureka Springs had chosen the paintings for her gallery from my existing inventory of oils, and that she might want to see some new paintings. OOPS. 4 months working in pastels, figurative, and need to switch to OILS, LANDSCAPE!
I can just hear Kippy saying (georgia accent), "Pastels, Watercolor, Oils...Figurative, Still Life, Landscape...PICK ONE FROM EACH GROUP!"
OH WELL, I can look back on this period and tell her 'you told me so'. I figured out the best way to ease back into things was to work on a few 'starts' I have. The afternoon flew are the results. Will probably not like anything I did today when I look at them tomorrow, but that's the way it goes, folks!

This painting was started some time back from a free Tuesday art group, worked on it a couple hours there, brought it home and never picked it up again. That's the problem with going somewhere to paint, it is too easy not to 'finish'. then I used the same source photo for a pastel version...

This is from a photo taken from the rooftop of our hotel in Spoleto, Italy at Charles Reid's workshop in 2005. Don't know why it caught my interest, except for the oval path your eye (should) take.

This was from one of the very few days I got to go to a group that Theresa Rankin had...before she fell in love and moved to Carthage, MO (instead of 30 min. drive, 2 hours). She thought herself very clever by changing the still life setup 3 times in a 5 hour period. teehee. very funny. However, it is a great challenge, thanks Theresa! Not sure this one accounts for much, but ya never know. Yeah, they are supposed to be red onions. Have a nice 'worm' effect going on over the left onion. darn.
So GO AHEAD AND LAUGH! Hope I made your day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Talk about SMILIN'!

Just got a phone call from a client (real estate) I helped buy her first home 3-4 years ago. Kerry Sears. We had so much fun looking for her 'growing up' out of an apartment future home. Became friends. Usually just a few clients remember your name a year or so down the road...but apparently, I did something right.

Funny thing is that I said something that she remembered...and remembered well. This is SO funny because it is advice I could have used in my 20's and 30's. Are you ready?

Apparently I told her to go ahead and live her life...find a house she could make a home, finish out and decorate to please HER, and when she was least suspecting it a perfect man would come along.

Well, Randy and I saw her sister out a month or so ago who told us Kerry had met someone..special. Kerry called tonight (we lost touch over several of her job changes)...but it was as if no time had lapsed. Her future husband surprised her with a 'kidnapping' from her job, with a limo driver in a Rolls Royce...a 4 hour spa treatment, her sister (who was in on this) brought her a perfect little black dress and heels. the limo driver whisked her away to the Springdale airport where she was flown to Branson to be met by Prince Charming!

Ya just never know whose life you will touch! And to Prince Charming, you better do right...I've advised her to lease her perfect house so she'll have a cushion! Not after a listing even just a little bit!

AND, those of you who subscribe, I lost a subscriber after the last post about things being good...I must have said damn, or referred to Theresa's nude or something abhorrent. The only other one I lost was after the post where I was cussing in Grandma Neil's "p'shaw's". WHEW, they don't even know cussin from cussin!!!

Congratulations, Prince Charming, you got a keeper!

Good Times?

Well, these paintings aren't of nudes ala Theresa who is brave enough to paint herself!
And the scandal with national level artists and competitions about the definition of the word 'original' has gone underground for a bit. Most artists don't want to comment on THAT sticky wicket!
This is the commission I have been working on for the past few weeks. The grand unveiling was last Friday night. This is for Jessica Butler and Jody Hendrix one-year anniversary of their wedding. Can you believe ANYONE in their right mind would run a 10k race just before their wedding ceremony? Some of us can't even climb a mountain! Anyway, she ran wearing a veil, and he a bowtie...look closely and you will see 'groom' and 'bride' on their shirts.
Everyone was pleased.
THEN on Saturday, my gallery in Eureka Springs, AR, Eurekan Art , sold TWO of my paintings!!!
This is an oil, 16x20, from a fabulous place in France named 'Chateau de Sigy'. That is an actual moat!

One of our trips to France happened to coincide with PoppyTime! Glorious fields of poppies, considered weeds there. Cash crops in other countries, pretty 'wed flowas' to me.
AND, William Hunter 'Liam' Noble is 10 days old!
Born to daughter Betsy and Kevin on Sept. 13 in Denver, CO. We can't wait to smell his little puppy breath!
SO, bad times? Guess it depends on what your definition of 'bad' is. And also, raise a glass and toast those who see rainbows coming out of the cloudy sky!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Major Issues with Show Prospectus-sss'

WOW! All kidding aside, this is SERIOUS! Lawsuits and stuff!
Just when our itty-bitty local pastel society has been torn asunder about prospectus rules...and every member has their own opinion of  'original', defending their views vocally to death (hey, this is supposed to be fun, people)...these articles arrived in my blog in-box today. One from ENGLAND! And all about not following the rules.

Sue Smith's 'Ancient Artist' blog here:

Katherine Tyrrell's 'Making a Mark' blog here:

All brought about because people (read, artists) want to make their own definition of 'original'. What part of original is confusing? Or, 'from your own source photo'? Or, 'not done under supervision"? Or, 'must have a wire, not a sawtooth hanger'? Or, 'maximum frame size'? We have all missed fine points of the 'rules' from time to time, and most of us are quite embarrassed about it...most of us never argue or make excuses for the lapse or not having laid hands on a prospectus before delivering a painting. (Moi did that recently). Mistakes happen, lapses in judgement don't.

For my readers who don't want to sift through the above links, this involves a MAJOR national award from a prestigious 'old' art society (American Watercolor Society) who has been embarrassed by the recipient as one of their 'winners'. Apparently there is reason to believe the painting (or maybe a giclee print on paper) was done from TWO stock photographs easily found online from Shutterbug (stock photography is work of photographers who post their work for download, for fees, and limited public usage). If the accusations are verified, the painting could be scrutinized for authenticity (actual pigment on paper), the artist publically embarrassed (that has already happened in this case), awards (cash and product) stripped, and forbidden to enter the particular show again. AND the artist could still face lawsuits from the photographer and copyright infringements! At this point, the winning painting has been removed from the AWS website, the artist's website taken down...but you can still find the painting with a simple search.

Stock Photography and Clip Art have been around many years, available by subscription and hefty fees for use by graphic designers, advertising agencies, newspapers, etc. Stock Photography was always (well in the last 50 years) available for huge fees, determined by the exposure a client desired...local, regional, national, world...and exclusive only for huge-er fees. You even had to pay someone to research a particular subject for you! A limited license, if you will. For example, we once did a campaign for a local chamber of commerce involving a great photo of an iceberg. It was several thousand dollars, and limited to local distribution. I sure couldn't go to the Artic for a snapshot! and Randy wasn't available for hire.

ClipArt was available by subscription (monthly fees) and meant exactly what it says, CLIPART. The books were printed and mailed to subscribers for use to be 'clipped' and pasted into a layout for advertising. They were, for the most part holiday themed, or subject...including banners for 'SALE' or 'FRESH APPLES' or nice drawings of 'SANTA'. I guess before that an illustrator had to be hired locally to hand draw the art. I'm not that old. In the recent past (10-15 years) these 'books' were replaced by digital, CD, online subscriptions. In other words, you pay for the right to use in non-commercial usages. NOT for use on T-shirts for sale, or other products for sale. Strictly for advertising, marketing.

Definitions are dangerous...try to describe it and someone will try to find a loophole. Some will argue beyond any semblance of sanity, even when Webster's says otherwise.

How 'bout this:

o·rig·i·nal  (-rj-nl)
1. Preceding all others in time; first.
a. Not derived from something else; fresh and unusual: an original play, not an adaptation.
b. Showing a marked departure from previous practice; new: a truly original approach. See Synonyms at new.
3. Productive of new things or new ideas; inventive: an original mind.
4. Being the source from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is made.

From your own source photo...YOU took the photo...YOU were on site...YOU did the composition/cropping in YOUR own viewfinder. YOU decided to add another tree to make YOUR painting more interesting. YOU did not use a National Geographic magazine photo for your painting!

Not done under supervision or workshop...YOU did not pay a teacher for space to paint...YOU did not follow the teacher's advice that it was OK to enter it...YOU did not receive 'helpful tips'...YOU did not allow anyone else to make a mark on your painting...YOU solved your own problems with color, technique and composition! Not very many of us paint in a vacuum, and we all get advice from time to time from friends, spouses, etc., but this is addressing organized painting...

Original...YOU did not modify someone else's painting by changing the color of a background...YOU did not add a fin to a fish...YOU did not change the flower in a vase...YOU did not copy another artist's style and compositional flair...YOU did not make excuses that 'but I made it my own'!

It is not that difficult to take photos of the shadow of a tree, the tilt of a flower looking at the sun, your own children, the way the light hits the stairs in your house, the way the sun sets in your backyard...heavens, you don't even have to pay for film developing anymore. blah, blah, snore.

Yes, it is true that the old master's taught in their atelier's that the way to being a real artist is to copy the people who painted before you. And yes, you can learn much about technique and composition by doing this...BUT, it should be named 'after Sargeant', 'after Picasso', etc. There could be credit noted on the back of the canvas so that whoever inherits the painting (should it last long enough) KNOWS the source. Or even signed that way on the front.

AND. NEVER, EVER ENTERED INTO A SHOW COMPETITION AS YOUR ORIGINAL WORK, THOUGHT, SOURCE. AND NEVER WHINE if you are caught or suspected. There are cases of photographers who have sued and won big judgements from agencies and artists...not to mention embarrassment by other artists (your peers) who own the same book that you copied from.

rant done. dennis miller, move over.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another anecdote on Left/Right Brain Duel

I have been making the leap to my left brain activities for the past few days. Always hate to make the journey, because the journey back to the right takes just as much effort.

Back when I was in the needlecraft design business, my friends could always predict my eminent journey by my behavior. Becoming almost reclusive, doing anything BUT the task at hand, finally settling down to generate a new series of designs. Then I'd become more human again.

Last week I began a new website design for Mr. Les. Funny aha occurred! I wrote several posts ago about
Vicki and Randy Ross Art: Right Brain/Left Brain Entertainmen
how I hypnotize my left brain to 'shut up', with my ipod IN MY EARS. Music in the background does not work the same.

Well, Monday, I was having real trouble concentrating on web design and programming...the software changes a couple times a year, always with newer, bigger, better tricks and is like starting from scratch every time you do a site.

Guess what? I had my ipod IN MY EARS, and my left brain was otherwise occupied. No wonder I was having trouble! Turn on the background music, left brain engaged, and everything started to fall in place...made great progress on the site.

This is all nothing new, evidenced by the success of Betty Edwards doctoral thesis turned into book 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain', which is published in 30 languages/countries. Her son, Brian is interested in doing a 5 day workshop here...SO, I'm not a freak about LB/RB. Just figuring out how to work with my good fortune to be strong in both!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Congratulations, Julene!

No wonder you are a signature Pastel Society of America (PSA) member! Your compositions and techniques on your florals are stunning...I'll own one someday. Be sure to look at her site for really good color photos. Julene doesn't blog (yet), so you'll have to email her through her website!

Here is the press release Julene Baker sent out yesterday. The 2009 Arkansas Engagement Calendar is a wonderful example of the Beebe's commitment to the arts in Arkansas.
"Here are the photos taken at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion in Little Rock. The man is Governor Beebe, and the First Lady, Ginger Beebe. My painting "Petal Parfait" was one of the paintings selected to be included in the 2009 Arkansas Engagement Calendar. The event was to unveil the calendar, and the artist's selected were invited to sign the calendars, and to meet the Governor and First Lady of Arkansas, the other artists, sponsors, and others.
It was an awesome event."

That's all for today! i had a great art week last approval on my commission (yea), and sold a painting at Poor Richard's. To a complete stranger! One of my Amalfi Coast series, Ravello Window. Wonder what kind of good stuff awaits next week? Something that will make me!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

paintings prints and stuff: colour test

paintings prints and stuff: colour test

This was fun! I scored 49...from a range of 1-1409 for my gender and age range!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Theresa nominated me for Brillante Weblog!

award.jpgWOW, thanks Theresa Rankin for voting my weblog one of your favorites! This is SO much fun. Check out her paintings...they are top shelf. She just got back from the Richard Schmid annual art auction that raises tons of money for his favorite charity. Her paintings go for top dollar, and Richard invited her to attend the kick-off event in Colorado this year. Gosh, Richard is one of the great masters...and Theresa is on her path to be one too.
As the rules go I must pass this award to 7 other blogs that inspire me also and whom I view on a regular basis because of their painting ability, content, support and general information. Thank you again, Theresa for nominating me. I'm smilin'!

Sue Smith for her blog Ancient Artist: Developing an art career after 50 . OK, I don't know any artists who are ancient because art keeps us young. But Sue's blog is one I subscribe to and always enjoy. When too tired to be in the studio, and no new art magazines to read, Sue's articles fit the bill.

Durinda Cheek, one of my new buds I met through Kippy in France is a fabulously energetic en plein air painter who loves to travel. Her excitement helps me see 'the painting' in an ordinary walk (yeah, ok, it was ordinary Fontaine-Fourches, France between meals). I learned tons from the few days i overlapped the ending of my trip and the beginning of hers. European and Southern paintings by Durinda: Durinda's Art News and Views

Dianne Mize: Bagatelles and Meanderings...Not sure where i came across Dianne's blog, but I've been a subscriber for quite awhile. She also has another on composition. Her writing led me to Empty Easel, a wealth of information for artists.

Linda Blondheim Art Notes: Process-Travels-Food for her variety of tips, work-in-progress photos and recipes! Seems creatives do all sorts of things to keep the juices flowing.

Robin Maria Pedrero: Pocketful of Colors. Astounding articles and great in progress paintings. 

One of my first blogs, by Cynthia was an accidental stumbleupon! She is a writer creative and coach...anyway, I fell in love with her travel shrines she makes out of 'found' boxes. So, when in France last time I found 4 antique matchboxes that came home gently home with me for future travel shrines. Thanks Cynthia!

And, of course, the granddaddy of all blogs...Robert Genn, Painter's Keys. Robert started his newsletter way before weblogs got so popular. His site maintains one of the most comprehensive listings of artists, art quotes, and gives everyone an opportunity to have a listing on his site. His letters are saved for close reading...I always read his letters. I've even had work featured in one of his letters, you can search for Vicki Ross on his site and see it!

Rules of Acceptance:

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link the the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
6. Participation is entirely voluntary (of course!).
7. Have fun...honoring the bloggers who inspire you regularly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thanks, Erika for making me smile!

I am dedicating this blog entry to my BFF, Erika Nelson, aka China Doll (yeah, I coined that phrase for her, and no, she is not Chinese but has hair like the china doll my uncle Frank brought me back from Asia when I was 5). Just tonight, I told one of our mutual friends, Linda, that Erika never has anything bad to say about ANYTHING or ANYBODY. Always a smile on her face.

So embarrassed to learn that Erika re-invented her blog back in the early part of the year, and I missed it! She has been so good to comment on mine, and I didn't even know about hers. Then today, I learned that she had painted a portrait study of me that is DAMN good!

Here is the link to that blog. Read all her entries, they are worth it.

Erika never complains, never talks much about herself, but has in a few of her blogs. So, you can read about her experience with polio, and the challenges of being in a wheelchair from her firsthand. It is obvious when you are with her that she is in a wheelchair, but after a few minutes the chair disappears and it is natural to be around her.

I try not to talk about my 'bad stuff', but wonder if it shows on me like her wheelchair does on her? Is it something that people are aware of, but forget after I play the fool and make them laugh?

I'm just now being comfortable easing back into mainstream 'public'...and organizing these workshops has been a real pleasure for me. In fact, I got huge grins watching everyone else watching Mr. Les. I got more out of your faces than I did watching him (sorry Les lol)...the pleasure lasted well into the evenings as we talked about the day's events.

The journey since the loss of our daughter, Sarah, and the destruction by fire of our brand-new home (and everything else we had 7 years ago) has been such a painful 're-entry' for me that I have been a bit of an ostrich with my head stuck in the sand...or a comedy/tragedy mask...and then Erika goes and paints me with my goofy grin and goofier red hair! Pollyanna reinvented!

Art saved me...and I struggled to find good instructors (had to go through a few to find the ones who speak to my heart). To find joy combining my new passion with some of my old corporate skills through workshops has been a blessing.

When I was accosted with negative nellies and all kinds of unsolicited advice from 'experts' who never volunteer for anything...I fell off into the septic tank of negativity. Put my head back in the sand for a few days...guess I'm still vulnerable. Want everyone to be happy. And, I realized again, that there is nothing humanly possible anyone can do to get a group of people to agree on anything.

I won't go into anymore descriptive specific comments...but those of you who lavished praise and loved every minute of the past events I helped organize, you are appreciated.

For my good friends who always observe from the wings and anticipate my every eyebrow lift when in potentially unstable situations...(Echo, Pam, Kippy, Les, Urania, Julene, Judi, Erika, Linda, Dustie, Ron, Randy (always), Rhonda, Charles, Judy, Sylvain, Chantal, Paul, Penny, Agnes, Suzette, Julie, Reba, Lisa, Tim, M&D, Jim, Sarah, Hayley (doubletroublemills), Josh, Jessie, Jerome, and many more) THANKS!

For the rest of you, DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE! I will not allow me to get down in the septic tank of negativity ever again. Put your time where your mouth is!

And, for Erika, thanks for getting me back in perspective. And for painting all night to finish a large, beautiful pastel still life for the show, and figuring out how to get it framed by yourself, from that chair. And for always having a smile on your face! Hmmm...maybe we need to give that chair a name! Freedom, speed queen, dancin' queen, betty (grable for legs),


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just sittin' here in my chair, SMILIN'!

Are you aware of things that make youi smile? When they are happening? I've developed this skill, don't think I was born with it..but Mom always says I saw through a dirty window because I was focused on the flower beyond. She also said the quote about the bread and hyacinth also describes me...

James Terry White (1845-1920)
The following poem, Not By Bread Alone, was written by White in 1907:

If thou of fortune be bereft,
And in thy store there be but two left
Two loaves-sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul

ANYHOW, that describes me to a T!

What is making me smile right now? We tivo'ed Celine Dion's Vegas Show 'Brand New Day'. WOW, I love being able to watch people...the entire show...talented people, who brought it all together. Doing what you love, making others smile, pretty good recipe, don't ya think?

The commission is coming along great...will post pics of it next week, Today was a gooder day in the studio. Here's hoping the issue with my blog template is fixed.

Here's double hoping I can make someone smile!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

P'shaw day in the studio

My Grandma Neil never cussed that I ever heard...but she would say 'shaw like it was a cuss word. Well, I had one of those days. Nothing I did seemed right...Of course, I hear Kippy over my shoulder saying in her Georgia accent...'there are just some photographs that will never make a good commission painting'! She's been doing commission portraits for years, so I'm sure she learned that lesson the hard way too!

Catching up on emails, waiting on Randy to get in from a dove hunt...and saw that something I had done on my last post about the Guerilla Newsletter messed up my blog layout! Double 'shaw! Actually I DO cuss, and what I said is not fit for a blog...

Working on a new website design for a client...starting a book project for another...getting final details made for the Charles Reid workshop...just a couple weeks to go!




Friday, September 5, 2008

Overs on Judson's Art Outfitters newsletter!

Well, learn something new every day! Constant battle between my computer-solving-programming self and my artistic painter-artist self.

Found out that Judsons newsletter is separate from their website, so what I sent last week is nowhere to be found with a link. They have been so good to support artists' groups, and have donated a 9x12 Guerrilla Box for the past 3 or so years at the Ozark Pastel Society show. Thank you Judsons for your fabulous boxes and for your generous support of artists all over the world!

So, if you are an artist, subscribe to their newsletter...and you too can be among the 8,000 recipients of their monthly newsletter. In the meantime, you can read my special article at the bottom of their newsletter.

Judsons Art Outfitters Newsletter - September 2008
  • This Month's Featured Product: 35% Off Terry Ludwig Handmade Pastels

  • September Bargains- Sale ends September 30-  25% Off All Backpacks, 25% Off the Monopod Walking Stick!

  • Artist Quote of the Month: Andrew Wyeth

  • 20% Off Coupon for all Judsons Art Outfitters Customers
  • Featured Artist of the Month: Vicki Ross

  • Plein Air Resources – Free website posting for galleries, schools, societies and workshops.

This Month's New Featured Product:
35% Off Terry Ludwig Handmade Pastel Sets

    Pastelist Terry Ludwig decided to set out on his own to make the
right pastel by hand ten years ago. The result is one of the softest, most
sensitive color line on the market. His handmade quality shows concern for the
pastelists needs, from the square shape to the uniformly soft texture across all
densities of hue.  Each pastel is
approximately 1 ½”x1/2”x1/2”, but because each pastel is hand crafted, size and
shape may vary.

 Bargains for September
25% Off All Backpacks

25% Off the Monopod Walking Stick
All Orders Over $200 Receive Free Finca Las Brisas Coffee 12oz
Plein Air Packer Reg $59.99 Sale $44.99  
Judsons Rolling Backpack
Reg $99.99 Sale $74.99 
Judsons Carry All Backpack Reg $89.99 Sale 67.49

Carry All Jr. Reg $59.99 Sale $44.99
  The Monopod Reg $14.99 Sale $11.24

Artist Quote of the Month

I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the

-Andrew Wyeth 


    Featured Artist of the Month: Vicki Ross
    French Cows, Pastel 12x18

        Painting in Monet's
    Garden in Giverny, France was the experience of a lifetime! (see above, left) The iris and
    Wisteria were in full bloom, and the green bridge fabulous. We had a 3 hour
    drive from our lodging, La Bonne Etoile in Fontaine-Fourches, France. Arriving
    around 10am, our group was reserved to paint in the gardens on their closed to
    the public day. The sun played hooky with the clouds...and it misted off and on
    all morning. That prompted me to attempt the scene in watercolor...
    As is the case with plein air painting, we had to pack our gear for lunch at a
    local restaurant. My Guerilla Box was up and down in a few minutes while most
    others had multiple wing nuts and parts to reconfigure. Speed is of the essence
    when painting want to be able to move about as the light
    changes, or to change your view, or to go eat lunch!
    Since Randy and I each have a 9x12 box, and a 6x8 thumbox, we have various
    stickers on our boxes for ease in grabbing the right one!
    I just installed the telecoping easel on my 9x12, and it is going to make a
    world of difference with various sizes. Can't wait to sling some paint on it.
    The picture (above) is of Randy (my husband) with his 9x12 box open and ready for watercolor.
    He is painting alongside Charles Reid's demo of a facade of a building with one
    of the group posing for him. We were on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
    I've carried my 9x12 box on another trip to La Bonne Etoile in France, and used
    it for oils when studying with Ann Templeton of Ruidoso, NM. On a creative
    writing and self-publishing workshop there in the winter of 2007, I was part of
    the staff concentrating on getting the book 'Mélanger avec Amour' ready for
    publication. On that trip, I took my 6x8 box, it fit snugly in my luggage.

    To see more of Vicki Ross' work, please go to:

    Plein Air Resources

    website posting for galleries, schools, societies and workshops – It
    only takes a few minutes to complete a posting and it costs nothing.
    There is lots of room for you to enter a complete description of your
    information, and you can edit your listing at any time—again, free of
    charge. If you would like to post your information, just click on the
    link below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

    Plein Air Resources Information – Our Plein Air Resources is a database
    that you can search by Name, City, State, Country or Keyword so that
    you can find out who’s doing what, where and when.

    To go for a test drive, click on the link below, then click on “Plein Air Resources” in the left-hand menu.


    To order the Bargains described in this newsletter through our website, go to our Current Bargains page.
    To browse our website for these bargains and other products, go to our Home Page.

    To place an order or inquire by phone, fax or mail, contact Judsons Plein Air Outfitters:

    Catalog Request . What Guerrilla™ Owners Say . Money Back Guarantee . Where to Buy . FAQ . ©2005 Phantom Canyon Ranch Co.

    Guerrilla Painter™, Guerrilla Box™ and ThumBox™ are trademarks of Phantom Canyon Ranch Co.

    This message was sent from Judsons Art Outfitters to It was sent from: Guerrilla Painter, 851 County Road 76H, Livermore, CO 80536. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below. Email Marketing Software

    Manage your subscription


    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Cherry Pastel Cleaner

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Yeah, I'm screaming. I am gradually getting caught up on 'stuff', including the upcoming Charles Reid workshop. It will be a walk in the park with a bucket of chicken...most participants are very experienced artist/workshoppers.

    My balance is back, I've spent many hours in the house...and got back in the studio today. One of my prizes at the Ozark Pastel Society show was a Cherry Pastel Cleaner. Randy had already gotten the quick grits for the cleaning medium...I took it out and cleaned every pastel in my Open Box M pastel set-up.

    It works GREAT, and I totally recommend it. Essential? Probably not, but very useful and time-saving.

    Thanks, Mary Ann for supporting local pastel societies.


    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    LOOKEE! LOOKEE! Artist of the Month!

    TootDeeDoo! (Visual of a kid running around the house with an empty toilet paper roll up to his mouth making horn noises)

    Have to blow my own horn occasionally. Be sure to scroll WAY down to see me and Randy painting on location. We luv our Guerrilla boxes!

    ...I sent several photos to Judson's for consideration, and my real alla prima painting in France was the one the newsletter editor picked...totally done on location...and the buggers kept moving! I named it 'Cows in France', but it was nicknamed 'Cow-sheep-pig-rocks in France' (Kippy knows how to keep me in check). You have to click on Judson's link to see them.

    This was the scene of the statue I posted a couple weeks ago (the silverpoint)...we set up in the shade beside the little shrine building where the statues were. I'll do another post on the silverpoint drawing...just about have it done! Think I have a buyer for it...

    Judsons Art Outfitters Newsletter - September 2008

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