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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cherry Pastel Cleaner

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Yeah, I'm screaming. I am gradually getting caught up on 'stuff', including the upcoming Charles Reid workshop. It will be a walk in the park with a bucket of chicken...most participants are very experienced artist/workshoppers.

My balance is back, I've spent many hours in the house...and got back in the studio today. One of my prizes at the Ozark Pastel Society show was a Cherry Pastel Cleaner. Randy had already gotten the quick grits for the cleaning medium...I took it out and cleaned every pastel in my Open Box M pastel set-up.

It works GREAT, and I totally recommend it. Essential? Probably not, but very useful and time-saving.

Thanks, Mary Ann for supporting local pastel societies.



Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thanks I am glad you like the piece of art I donated to WOPI!
Your travels are exciting with happy envy for your painting in france!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Like it? I loved it!