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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LOOKEE! LOOKEE! Artist of the Month!

TootDeeDoo! (Visual of a kid running around the house with an empty toilet paper roll up to his mouth making horn noises)

Have to blow my own horn occasionally. Be sure to scroll WAY down to see me and Randy painting on location. We luv our Guerrilla boxes!

...I sent several photos to Judson's for consideration, and my real alla prima painting in France was the one the newsletter editor picked...totally done on location...and the buggers kept moving! I named it 'Cows in France', but it was nicknamed 'Cow-sheep-pig-rocks in France' (Kippy knows how to keep me in check). You have to click on Judson's link to see them.

This was the scene of the statue I posted a couple weeks ago (the silverpoint)...we set up in the shade beside the little shrine building where the statues were. I'll do another post on the silverpoint drawing...just about have it done! Think I have a buyer for it...

Judsons Art Outfitters Newsletter - September 2008

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Artist Quote of the Month: Andrew Wyeth
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Featured Artist of the Month: Vicki Ross
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1 comment:

Durinda Cheek said...

Way to go, Girl! I received my Judson's article last night and boy, was I ever honored to know the Artist of the Month!