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Saturday, September 6, 2008

P'shaw day in the studio

My Grandma Neil never cussed that I ever heard...but she would say 'shaw like it was a cuss word. Well, I had one of those days. Nothing I did seemed right...Of course, I hear Kippy over my shoulder saying in her Georgia accent...'there are just some photographs that will never make a good commission painting'! She's been doing commission portraits for years, so I'm sure she learned that lesson the hard way too!

Catching up on emails, waiting on Randy to get in from a dove hunt...and saw that something I had done on my last post about the Guerilla Newsletter messed up my blog layout! Double 'shaw! Actually I DO cuss, and what I said is not fit for a blog...

Working on a new website design for a client...starting a book project for another...getting final details made for the Charles Reid workshop...just a couple weeks to go!





Angela Fehr said...

I'm never sure what to think about commissions - there are so many unknowns, yet they are a sure sale! If my reference photo is lacking, I try to push the information I do have - increase the color saturation, dramatize the shapes and edges.\

And if you are getting really down, just remind yourself "I painted with Charles Reid!" I'm totally jealous! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thanks so much for your advice...don't know if i would want to do them all the time or not. Too much stress (as if there is not enough already) to please someone who might be looking for a photographic painting, not an impressionistic one.

We are hosting Charles Reid right here in NW Arkansas Oct 6-10...were lucky to get on their schedule...just hoping we can find a week next year. Am looking for world class instructors as we if you know any, let me know and we'll try to set it up!

Now if I could just watercolor like Charles, Oil like Ann Templeton's abstracteds, pastel portraits like Kippy Hammond, portrature like Les DeMille...

just noticed my web template is at least that worked OK today...on to the studio tomorrow! Am gonna conquer this painting yet!


Durinda Cheek said...

Hey, no one said "Art is Easy!" in any of the quotes I can find ;D

Even doing a pet portrait can be tough because you don't know every whisker like the owner. Portrait artists of "breathing people" are the creme de la creme, in my opinion. You are really coming along with your skills and there isn't a face or head out there that you won't be able to paint!!
Happy Painting!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks! I'll be back in the studio today...ready for another round. If it was easy, everyone would do it!