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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Creatingwithoutcrayons-JackiePNeal Good for you, JackieP. Love the use of junk so impressed that you are able to create and keep up with the supplies you use all at the same time!

Friday, February 28, 2014

MB Challenge 2014

All good things must come to an end. After much discussion (and none of us wanting to say 'yes' first) we decided to stop the Moses Botkin Challenge. Four years? maybe. A long time.

I've also decided to move my blog posting to where I keep two blogs right now:

One, "Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations" is about the journey of creating 100 7.5" square paintings. Each is the same size, and starts with the same four loose compositional shapes. From there, color, style, medium, can all morph. Three dimension, acrylic mediums, pastel, oil, watercolor...whatever is close at hand. This project was a successfully funded campaign on, a crowd-funding just for artists.

The other blog is more general, and has some guest blogs...many different topics, but generally speaking on how creative outlets can heal...improve...make happy...something in all of us. From stitchery to encaustic...knit booties to watercolor.

I may start a more personal blog after I complete the 100 variations, but it will be under the Axully umbrella...too many social media demands, and we all need some centralization.

My newest favorite is Flipboard. I read all the time anyway and am always asked "how did you know that?". FB is a news aggregator where you can pick the topics that interest you. News, technolology, People magazine, Lifestyle, sports, on and on. AND, you can have all your social media feeds Now everything you enjoy is in one spot. Just a few months ago they added the ability to have your own magazine. When I read something I like, I flip it into my magazine, "Axully?" and it can be read by anyone.

Would love your subscription and support. I can be reached here:

Axully has accounts too: