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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 2011 Moses Botkin Challenge

This was Diana's idea...Converse Tennis Shoes.

And, yes, there are really mine and I wear them alot (I can do that since I'm a funky painter :). Except mine are chinese embroidered purple satin! Was in a major hurry...had real good reason to bail this month, but since I've never missed a month...well you get the picture.

ended up with a pretty good shoe on a great big panel. Randy suggested the basketball (not that my Satin Chucks have ever been close to anything resembling sports!

“Satin Chucks”
9x12” oil on panel
© Vicki Ross

“Well Worn”
Oil on hardboard, 5”x7”
©2011 Diana Moses Botkin

“Always Untied”
6x6 oil on panel
© 2011 Robin Cheers

“Converse Reds”
6x6”  oil on canvas
©2011 Ruth Andre

“Just Hanging Out” 
oil on hardboard, 6x6”
©2011 Sharman Owings

"Big Red" 
24"x24" Oil on canvas 
©2011 Suzanne Berry