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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Talk about SMILIN'!

Just got a phone call from a client (real estate) I helped buy her first home 3-4 years ago. Kerry Sears. We had so much fun looking for her 'growing up' out of an apartment future home. Became friends. Usually just a few clients remember your name a year or so down the road...but apparently, I did something right.

Funny thing is that I said something that she remembered...and remembered well. This is SO funny because it is advice I could have used in my 20's and 30's. Are you ready?

Apparently I told her to go ahead and live her life...find a house she could make a home, finish out and decorate to please HER, and when she was least suspecting it a perfect man would come along.

Well, Randy and I saw her sister out a month or so ago who told us Kerry had met someone..special. Kerry called tonight (we lost touch over several of her job changes)...but it was as if no time had lapsed. Her future husband surprised her with a 'kidnapping' from her job, with a limo driver in a Rolls Royce...a 4 hour spa treatment, her sister (who was in on this) brought her a perfect little black dress and heels. the limo driver whisked her away to the Springdale airport where she was flown to Branson to be met by Prince Charming!

Ya just never know whose life you will touch! And to Prince Charming, you better do right...I've advised her to lease her perfect house so she'll have a cushion! Not after a listing even just a little bit!

AND, those of you who subscribe, I lost a subscriber after the last post about things being good...I must have said damn, or referred to Theresa's nude or something abhorrent. The only other one I lost was after the post where I was cussing in Grandma Neil's "p'shaw's". WHEW, they don't even know cussin from cussin!!!

Congratulations, Prince Charming, you got a keeper!


Erika Nelson said...

Oh well I wouldn't worry about losing a subscriber, blogging is life as we know it - win some-lose some.

Anyway it still shocks me when I encounter art lovers who might be bothered by artistic nudes. I think we should lock them up with a nude model, 3 artists, some easels, paper and charcoal. And very quickly they will experience that artists create nude art for the love of the beautiful human bodies that are under appreciated because they are always covered with clothes. They will also experience that nude modeling is a decent job and a difficult job,and the artists have to pay so much for their craft before they can see the first penny.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

I have a mucho better idea, gwasshopper! Let's make THEM pose nude! After seeing all the artists closing one eye and squinting the other, scowling, erasing, groaning, holding up a pencil to measure, they'd realize we don't care one whit about the tit...just where the shadows fall from their nose!

Erika Nelson said...

LOL ok name the place and time - I'll bring popcorn cuz it's good to keep the model tummy happy :)

Dianne Mize said...

That would work! I'm in. Nothing would delight me more than to watch pseudo-piety squirm.

I'd say to you what you said to your client: blog your way, never mind anybody's opinion. If we censor ourselves for fear of losing a subscriber or offending somebody's piety, we'd stifle ourselves into obscurity.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks, Diane. I'm developing a thicker skin. Never have felt the need to censor myself, so shouldn't start now. Did pick up several new subscribers this am, so must be saying something of note!

You do turn a phrase nicely! I write just like I talk, all run together. 'offending somebody's piety' and stifle ourselves into obscurity' are GREAT!


Theresa Rankin said...

Nope you didn't lose me....the cyber Gods evidently did not record my comment on the blog where you are Lucy. So I will try on this one..Hope it works...Your advice is so right on to your friend....I know it for a fact.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Happens every time...Randy dropped into my life when I was not looking.

wondered where you had been!