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Friday, September 5, 2008

Overs on Judson's Art Outfitters newsletter!

Well, learn something new every day! Constant battle between my computer-solving-programming self and my artistic painter-artist self.

Found out that Judsons newsletter is separate from their website, so what I sent last week is nowhere to be found with a link. They have been so good to support artists' groups, and have donated a 9x12 Guerrilla Box for the past 3 or so years at the Ozark Pastel Society show. Thank you Judsons for your fabulous boxes and for your generous support of artists all over the world!

So, if you are an artist, subscribe to their newsletter...and you too can be among the 8,000 recipients of their monthly newsletter. In the meantime, you can read my special article at the bottom of their newsletter.

Judsons Art Outfitters Newsletter - September 2008
  • This Month's Featured Product: 35% Off Terry Ludwig Handmade Pastels

  • September Bargains- Sale ends September 30-  25% Off All Backpacks, 25% Off the Monopod Walking Stick!

  • Artist Quote of the Month: Andrew Wyeth

  • 20% Off Coupon for all Judsons Art Outfitters Customers
  • Featured Artist of the Month: Vicki Ross

  • Plein Air Resources – Free website posting for galleries, schools, societies and workshops.

This Month's New Featured Product:
35% Off Terry Ludwig Handmade Pastel Sets

    Pastelist Terry Ludwig decided to set out on his own to make the
right pastel by hand ten years ago. The result is one of the softest, most
sensitive color line on the market. His handmade quality shows concern for the
pastelists needs, from the square shape to the uniformly soft texture across all
densities of hue.  Each pastel is
approximately 1 ½”x1/2”x1/2”, but because each pastel is hand crafted, size and
shape may vary.

 Bargains for September
25% Off All Backpacks

25% Off the Monopod Walking Stick
All Orders Over $200 Receive Free Finca Las Brisas Coffee 12oz
Plein Air Packer Reg $59.99 Sale $44.99  
Judsons Rolling Backpack
Reg $99.99 Sale $74.99 
Judsons Carry All Backpack Reg $89.99 Sale 67.49

Carry All Jr. Reg $59.99 Sale $44.99
  The Monopod Reg $14.99 Sale $11.24

Artist Quote of the Month

I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the

-Andrew Wyeth 


    Featured Artist of the Month: Vicki Ross
    French Cows, Pastel 12x18

        Painting in Monet's
    Garden in Giverny, France was the experience of a lifetime! (see above, left) The iris and
    Wisteria were in full bloom, and the green bridge fabulous. We had a 3 hour
    drive from our lodging, La Bonne Etoile in Fontaine-Fourches, France. Arriving
    around 10am, our group was reserved to paint in the gardens on their closed to
    the public day. The sun played hooky with the clouds...and it misted off and on
    all morning. That prompted me to attempt the scene in watercolor...
    As is the case with plein air painting, we had to pack our gear for lunch at a
    local restaurant. My Guerilla Box was up and down in a few minutes while most
    others had multiple wing nuts and parts to reconfigure. Speed is of the essence
    when painting want to be able to move about as the light
    changes, or to change your view, or to go eat lunch!
    Since Randy and I each have a 9x12 box, and a 6x8 thumbox, we have various
    stickers on our boxes for ease in grabbing the right one!
    I just installed the telecoping easel on my 9x12, and it is going to make a
    world of difference with various sizes. Can't wait to sling some paint on it.
    The picture (above) is of Randy (my husband) with his 9x12 box open and ready for watercolor.
    He is painting alongside Charles Reid's demo of a facade of a building with one
    of the group posing for him. We were on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
    I've carried my 9x12 box on another trip to La Bonne Etoile in France, and used
    it for oils when studying with Ann Templeton of Ruidoso, NM. On a creative
    writing and self-publishing workshop there in the winter of 2007, I was part of
    the staff concentrating on getting the book 'Mélanger avec Amour' ready for
    publication. On that trip, I took my 6x8 box, it fit snugly in my luggage.

    To see more of Vicki Ross' work, please go to:

    Plein Air Resources

    website posting for galleries, schools, societies and workshops – It
    only takes a few minutes to complete a posting and it costs nothing.
    There is lots of room for you to enter a complete description of your
    information, and you can edit your listing at any time—again, free of
    charge. If you would like to post your information, just click on the
    link below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

    Plein Air Resources Information – Our Plein Air Resources is a database
    that you can search by Name, City, State, Country or Keyword so that
    you can find out who’s doing what, where and when.

    To go for a test drive, click on the link below, then click on “Plein Air Resources” in the left-hand menu.


    To order the Bargains described in this newsletter through our website, go to our Current Bargains page.
    To browse our website for these bargains and other products, go to our Home Page.

    To place an order or inquire by phone, fax or mail, contact Judsons Plein Air Outfitters:

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