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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GREAT NEWS! and you have to read to the bottom to get it...:)

©2009 Vicki Ross
New York 6x12 oil on panel

Different Strokes From Different Strokes entry for this challenge. It was a fun one...

Sold 'Le-Go My Sake', and found a perfect frame for it from Roger at Franken Frames... It is a walnut finish 'floater' frame. Be sure to tell him I sent ya. They have GREAT customer service and quick delivery.

©2009 Vicki Ross
'Le-Go My Sake' 6x12 oil on panel
ALSO, am delivering my 2 paintings to another juried show this week. Will post pics when they are framed.
Had a great lunch today with Erika at her house. We talked for several hours, almost not making time for actual eating. It is SO fun to visit with someone and you still have so much to talk about when it is time to leave.
and...drumroll. I pretty much hate to blow my own horn, so I didn't have to this time. I submitted paintings for jurying into an international show...and out of 350+, was chosen as one of...well, just read it for yourself.
Kippy wrote all about it on the new La Bonne Etoile blog. I am still way up on a cloud...and will probably be there for several weeks. The stress of the perfect frame is done, now all I have to do it put the painting in the frame.
My pastel Peony will be exhibited at the Ventana Gallery in Santa Fe and featured at their reception on Friday June 4...We are going to stay over, of course, spending a week seeing the sights, waiting for my 15 minutes of fame!
This wouldn't be complete without quoting what author Joann Smith emailed me last week...
This I sent in answer to Randy’s news this morning:
She made it!! Thanks for a most pleasurable 45+ minutes of viewing and appreciating art in its finest form! Vicki’s in tall cotton now AND STANDING OUT IN THE CROWD! Her Peony is so delicately beautiful and realistic you don’t know which to do first, breathe deep or weep!  The golden mean placement is genius and the colors and execution, well, . . . mon ami . . . superbulous!!

Can you tell she is a wordsmith...hmmm. a Smith is a wordSMITH!

My big head is going to float me off to bed!


Art By Erika said...

An afternoon with a good friend is 100% soul food! Thanks for the actual food too hahaha!

Major congrats on the juried show and the sales! Well deserved! xoxoxox

Durinda Cheek said...

Way to go, Vick!! It is a beautiful painting and I hope someone will not be able to live without it!

Have fun in Santa Fe and tell Kippy and Jerome BONJOUR Mes Amis for me!

Theresa Rankin said...

Hooray...hittin' the big time!! Go girl! It is a gorgeous painting! Have major fun in Santa Fe!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wow, congrats, Vicki!

I LOVE the frame on "Le'go my Sake"!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Durinda: Our La Bonne Etoile alumni lunch may be slim...Les DeMille, Urania Christy Tarbet, Randy, me, Jerome, Kippy, probably Marsha Savage and maybe the group from Australia. We'll miss you!

Theresa: I'd rather be in the studio than framing and stuff. But it is all done now...2 juried into Ft. Smith Arts Alliance and 1 for IAPS at Ventana.

Diana: Franken Frames has several versions of this...and it looks even nicer in person! Thanks for the encouragement...