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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I've postponed being an artist for the short-term. Sure did feel good with a brush in my hand today, and I'm hoping I didn't lose too much ground! is showing what we call "MO"...momentum. I've even completely re-designed the website in the last month (it, like Liam is not finished). Can't wait to announce things for real. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead! or whatever that saying is.

But, in the meantime, I've recovered from a nasty head cold the past week and was forced to rest. Today I HAD to paint.

Our Moses Botkin Challenge for February was 'Striped Socks'. Since I was in California at sweet Urania's doing a project for her, I either had to beg off a month or figure something out. Decided that Liam's painting I had just started would qualify since he was in a striped onesy. It was not finished, but photoshop to the rescue. All I did was smooth out his skin tones, but it got me through another month. Now you'll have to wait and see if I squeek through March's challenge (due on March 15).

Here is Before (cheated):

Here is after Today (the hard way):

Don't know what I was thinking with his right foot, except that the before pic was what was really in the photo where his foot was not in the footie. I also think some of the white spread on the left hand edge could be knocked back a bit. And I see a few hard edges, but his little face looks pretty good for today's revision. Slideshow below. Man, it feels good to visit the Muse!

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Art By Erika said...

There's Red following her bliss xox