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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 2010 Challenge: Do a 30 minute painting

Challenge Group member Robin Cheers came up with this painful concept for us and instructed us to: "Set a timer for 30 MINUTES. And start painting!! When the timer dings, chirps, rings, beeps, whatever, you are DONE. Stand back and see what you accomplished! The idea is of course, to get in as much as you can - to mass in, to respond quickly to what you see and not analyze. You can work big or small."

This was an en plein air demo for Thea on 10-10-10 with our little family on a picnic. She was a wonderful observer and so intrigued. 

 "Thea's Rock" 
13x13" Pastel on clear primed linen 
©2010 Vicki Ross

"Glance Back"
Oil on canvas

"The Weeper" 
5x7" Oil on canvas 

"The Critique" 

9x12" Oil on linen 
©2010 Robin Cheers


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Good job, Vicki. I'm thinking I should make myself set a timer more often and see how much I can get done in 30 minutes. I don't even have to show them to anyone!

Marie Fox said...

Vicki - I'm amazed you did this complex painting in just a half hour. I love the colors and sense of depth. Wonderful! Marie

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Marie, I started on a natural color linen canvas with a clear gesso. Then a rough complementary shapes, thinned with turp. I started the timer after the ground was that helped a bunch. Pastels on their sides cover quickly!