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Friday, April 15, 2011

"7 Stroke to Place" April Challenge

Well, this month was a REAL challenge. Thank you Robin! We've all stewed over this one. I almost did watercolor, but then decided to try Chinese technique in thin oil.

I think I had 9 strokes, plus some wipe-out. no white. See my slideshow at the bottom! Great Job guys...this was a tough one...:)

"7 Stroke to Place"
13x9" oil on canvas

One Duck in 15 Strokes
10x10"  oil on canvas

"Spring" ©
6X4 - inches, Oil on Canvas

"7 Stroke Apple"
4"x 4.5" Oil on canvas

Robin Cheers
Contemporary Life Painter


Art By Erika said...

The background didn't count as strokes? :) Good job!

A Painter's Journal said...

Cool slide show! And nice work on the challenge. I know it threw some for a loop! - Robin

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Erika, we didn't have any hard and fast rules.
Robin, we all needed a loop to trip over...great challenge!