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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Leslie B. DeMille does a still life demo in oil

One evening we walked to the farm and selected some items for the still life. Les has a method of cutting melons so they won't be perfect. We had carte blanche to pull any item from the house for his selection for the still life. Something hard, something soft, something metal, something shiny...then...

WOW! in a matter of a couple hours (3-4) we go from  nothing to something! Darn Lisa, she bought the finished canvas before we could even draw straws or talk about it, or ANYTHING.

It was a nice break from painting models. Never enough time, though...we would have all loved to paint a still life too...and maybe have something GREAT to show for all our effort. Painting from live models is a bit stressful...and he has 60 some odd years experience.

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