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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Things Are Great in my Art World!

Today was the entry process for the annual Ozark Pastel Society show, judging by Mr. Leslie B. DeMille of Sedona, AZ and WORLD. We had a record 104 paintings...pretty good turnout for 34 or so artists.

Reba Cole is a STAR, always on top of paperwork and details, and Sharp as a Tack. She has been indispenable (whooie, can't spell tonight). Mucho fun to work with. All volunteer organizations are lacking people like Reba...those who are willing to do whatever it takes to make events happen, without whining, without looking for personal recognition.

Next week will be a blur. The Apple Blossom Retirement community has been great! Providing their community room for our use, snacks, publicity, and anything they can think of.

We have 46 reservations for 4 demos...a fabulous response for such a quickly organized workshop...all for Mr. Leslie BeeDee!

Just finished watching Phelps win his world record race to win his 8th gold. Teamwork. Beating the odds. Can't do it without a team.


Erika Nelson said...

Congratulations sweet Red, you sure know how to rock the art world dontcha? I managed 2 entries and 2 days of no sleep lol I didn't get to go in ACO, the ramp on my van wouldn't let me out but I was outside while Shirley Mullen dropped off our pieces. Those are REALLY impressive numbers congrats again to your committee and thanks for doing it, I'm excited about Tuesday night love ya bunches!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Just wait til next year! Save your pennies...we may be going for Art School of the Ozarks...or something creative and unique.

Sorry I missed you Sat...I was there until 11:45, but think I didn't see Shirley. She is so quiet! Can't believe you were trapped in the car.

Are you going to get to come to any other demos and/or the presentation on Sat? It will be fun since Mr. Les is doing the awards.


Erika Nelson said...

Hey maybe we can all plan to go to Richard Schmid auction in CO next year??? Wadday say Red, don't it sound fun??

I'll be attending tomorrow night with Dustie along possibly with Linda and Shirley. Aren't you proud of me I twisted Dustie's arm though she's so adamantly not a pastel artist? lol

Leaving for Hotsprings so Tuesday night is all I can swing. Looking forward to it! Don't work too hard sweetheart, see you then xox

Erika Nelson said...

Hey Les was excellent! But I love you!

Erika Nelson said...

RED!!!!!! Congratulations 4 awards? Is that all? ;) Ummm.. could you have thrown one my way lol Oh stop it, you deserve it all! I hope you had fun in the workshop, I can't wait for your report. I'll catch the show when I get back :) Love you xxx

Theresa Rankin said...

Wow...I see 4 awards!!! Congrats...very well deserved!!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thanks for hanging in there with me during last week! Nice to come home with a quick few minutes to check email and find 2 of my favs keeping up with me until I could get back!


vickiandrandyrossart said...

hey, china doll! would love to see the show from your 'bout it?