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Thursday, August 14, 2008

WHAT AN ART DAY! and self-portrait

With a HUGE workshop coming up next week with Leslie B. DeMille, I did one of my days at my art cooperative, Poor Richard's Art in Rogers, AR. We had a steady stream of people today.
Bill, wife of one of the owners (yeah, ya heard me right) solid as a to be with, and a good judge of character. I love being in the shop with him. We have so much fun with customers..harassing them, playing like we don't even like each other...firing each other...and the customers LOVE it.
Bill fell in love with one of my paintings of a Black Woman I named 'Attitude'. It was from a photo Randy took while we were on our vacation (?) in CapeTown, South Africa the first xmas after our bad stuff. (if you don't know about our bad stuff, you'll just have to search the web about it).

Anyway, Bill was always attracted to this painting because it reminded him of a woman who helped caretake him and his siblings with good homecooked food and appropriate discipline. He always talks about how much he is drawn to this painting. Even today after he bought it and it was hanging in their house.

I told him I had done a self-portrait and he wanted to see that.

SO, I took the SP in today and had show 'n tell. Put it on a counter where I was working on the silverpoint of the statue in France (see previous blog). Forgot about i sitting on the countert.

Now HERE is the story. A customer and family came in and loved the shop. Mom and Pop and the 2 sons absorbed every artist in the shop. As is the custom, when offered a complimentary soft drink or fancy coffee, Mom accepted. She had already visited with the others working in the shop...but for some reason kept surepticiously (that is sneaky in arkansas-talk and I'm too lazy to look it up) at me. We chitchattyed a minute or 2, and she moved on down the aisle.

She burst out laughing, at herself. Caught my eye and said she had just had a blonde moment. I asked why, and she said she was trying to figure out why I looked so familiar, where she knew me from...and then realized she had seen my self-portrait earlier in their visit!

Made MY day! guess I caught my likeness.

If ya are lucky, I'll post a photo tomorrow...

ps: visit one of my fav blogs here


Julie said...

I always loved" attitude" too, Vicki, glad you sold it to Bill, and someone else can enjoy it too!

Theresa Rankin said...

Great portrait Vicki. Your writings are a joy to read. I am sorry about the lint...truly...I have been there. Can't wait to read your next post and see your self have mucho talent my friend!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Julie, thanks. Attitude is hanging in their hall between their kitchen and master BR where she sends messages about not taking food into the BR!

Theresa, thanks so much! Wish you could come over next week to see Mr. DeMille...the demos are open to the public at $15 each.