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Monday, November 24, 2008

Unpacking the studio in the new house

Was just relating to good friend, Susan Sharpe about my day...when I realized I was saying something to her that would make a good blog topic.

I have saved all my art magazine subscriptions for 2 years, and when I didn't have a new one to read would read an old one. Realization set in when the old ones were just like new ones to me...just as enjoyable (except the advertisements are out of date).

In fact, maybe MORE enjoyable. Proof that you will comprehend what you are ready to learn. As a beginner, you 'gloss' over some of the information, tips and tricks, demos. With some experience and seasoning...there is brand-new information for you. Since we as artists follow artists like Picasso, Sargent, Henri, Homer like they were gods who walked on water from 150 years ago...the information a couple years old is still very valuable.

The new house has a large area upstairs perfect for bookcases that don't have to be 'company decorated'. I sorted the magazines (that were in scattered places in the old house) into stacks. I can't wait to start back through them.

Wonder what kinds of new stuff I will understand this time?

Big family week...Betsy, Kevin and 'my baby' Liam will be here from Denver late Wednesday night. Had grandson Tyler (15) here on Saturday, and put him on a plane for Denver to see his mom on Sunday. New art teacher Tim Tyler and his family Shandine, Hannah, and their 2 out of the nest boys, along with my M&D, Randy's M&D, my brother, wife, Jessie & Josh, will all be here Thursday. Tyler flies back in on Saturday, and his dad picks him up on Sunday to drive 4 hours south to Pine Bluff.

Pam and Mom are planning and prepping all the food, all I have to do is show up!  Teehee! Shandine LOVES to be creative in the kitchen as well, so I know we will be treated to a few of her family's favorites. I won't be fixing my own favs...or we'd have 3 different feasts!

Well, maybe I will make my own version of broccoli casserole...cream of mushroom soup, velveeta, mushrooms, rice, almonds...can't do Thanksgiving without MY fav recipes. And that fresh cranberry salad with whipped cream (scratch, of course), apples, grapes, pecans...Always had Mom do her dressing, it is always so moist...I've always 'done' Thanksgiving with all my recipes...usually asking friends/family to bring desserts (since I don't eat many sweets, that is always last on my list). I'm not in cooking mode this year...can't wait to get the house settled so I can get back to painting!

Pam and Mom are great...they did Thanksgiving cooking and brought it to our house last year too...and turned around and did it for xmas. Isn't it funny how Thanksgiving is more fun with friends/strays/family...and everyone has their menu they just have to have? Xmas last year we had an odd assortment of food, from chicken enchaladas to white queso, to chili, and we ate off and on all day. That was pur first holidays at home since the fire. We all kept real busy and avoided the pink elephant in the room. Who knows, maybe next year I will be ready to do the entire thing myself!

Hope everyone has a great turkey day!



Erika Nelson said...

Sounds like a full house! Wow all you need to do is show up - you are so loved! xoxox

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I will post about 1000markets as you asked but right now....I hope you like to play tag. Please don't feel obliged but if you play, I've tagged you and you are it!

Details on this post on my blog


vickiandrandyrossart said...

Erika, just got a panicked phone call from mom who thought my blog meant I was going to cook after all! I assured her i'd be lucky to 'show up'. Friend Pam says just put tablecloths on the boxes for extra seating...


vickiandrandyrossart said...

Robin, I love games...might not get to it until next week, but I've met so many like minded artists with my blog that I look forward to 'playing' with.

I'm excited about our new start, and being able to paint every day again. I feel like a Yellowstone bubbling landscape, finishing a period of hibernation, and ready to explode with creativity!