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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vampires, Mummies, and the Holy Ghost!

Yeah, I lifted Jimmy Buffett's song for my ringtone. We just had Halloween...had a good time with the kiddos in Denver...

I've got some great pics for painting source...and some great pics of baby Liam. MoĆ® (me, Mimi), got to be the FIRST ONE TO KEEP HIM ALONE as in EVER more than FIVE hours (and I am Betsy's step-monster)! Betsy and Kevin had just purchased a new 'family' car, so she and Randy took off for tags, inspections, etc. I had to keep the kid.


He is having trouble being in his physical self. Not real comfortable yet. Betsy had made a baby sling for him, and when he couldn't settle down, I put it on and 'wore' him all day. Feeding, burping, rubbing. He was all wadded up in this thing...happy as a little clam. Did you know breast milk does not have to be refrigerated? for up to 10 hours? (at cool room temps). Sure makes things easy as long as mom does not stay gone too long.

Liam and I sat at the computer (no way, WAY)...I watched 2 DVD's of Tim Tyler painting a still life with Baby Mozart playing in the background. Liam and I were both zoned out when everyone got home. Then Jodi and Rip (our daughter-outlaw and 10 year old grandson) came over and we got some real good time over dinner.

Next day I was able to get out a bit with Betsy and Randy, got relegated to the backseat of the new family car with the 'bwat'...(teehee)...painful! We went to REI outdoor store for a bit of shopping for, of all things, smartwool socks for me since Denver has much more selection than we have. Liam got fussy...some shopper was sitting there trying on I walked by her I did a hand-off to Betsy and said 'take care of this bwat!...I hate kids'. Betsy, of course, knew I was being funny, but the look on that lady's face! And I had on my 'Funky Feet' shoes.

Took watercolor bag with me, but was more interested in zoning out with Kevin, Betsy, Liam, Addie (lab), and Ernie (terrier)...Jody, Rip...and our 3 hairy kids (Annie, Beemer, BJ).

We took the kids out for dinner, got to our hotel around 10, left for Arkansas around 5:30am (yup, sun wasn't up)...I basically rolled out of the bed into the car and slept sitting up for another 3 hours.

Talk about brutal! We got home after 13 or so hours, met Ron and Pam for a quick mexican up early on Thursday to join our new friend/painter/artist Tim for a paint-out day in Eureka Springs.

Here are some Liam/Rip pics: (oops, forgot how to do an inline slideshow)

gotfor...betsy had her doctor's appt, on tuesday after our shopping, and we got to have him for 2 hours! Here is Poppy walking Liam down a beautiful downtown Denver sidewalk. Might be a painting here!

Poppy and Liam at REI. I overheard Randy tell him he couldn't cry in an outdoor store.

Ain't technology wonderful? Food on the table, and me and Betsy are shooting each other at the table.

Betsy, Poppy and Liam

First Feeding

Mimi, Liam, Rip, Poppy

Mimi, Liam, Betsy, Poppy
Next Post! Back to the studio...Artists have a great need to be balanced, and family/new babies/new hubbies/outlaws/grandsons/ all help with that balance.
Thanks to Betsy, Jodi, Rip, and Kevin for loving us...being our 'kids' and letting me be granny. And for those 2 'real' redheads for letting me pretend...


Erika Nelson said...

You guys are SO inlove with that little bundle of joy! Where's the slide show? Fun Fun Fun!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

didn't want to figure out the slideshow again, so just posted them inline!

We had such a good time...a needed break


Theresa Rankin said...

Wonderful.....I love seeing you with your little bundle of joy!! You are so right we need balance...sorry for not getting back to you sooner....we stay very busy and I am trying to set up a new place to paint where there aren't so many distractions and still...believe it or not trying to move in. Live gets so busy but it's great. I an so happy for you and your extended family!!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks, T! Hope to see you soonest at the ANA reception. Did I tell you I got TWO accepted? was thrilled.

I can't wait for some winter cocooning. Started sat classes with Tim Tyler...want more from you, tho.

This balance stuff you write about, while not directly 'art related' as in lessons/ what makes an artist's paints have soul. So, in my mind, we talk about what makes our day, and it does appear in our paintings!


Theresa Rankin said...

You have been tagged Vicki come to my page and find out the rest!