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Sunday, October 26, 2008

En Plein Air (outside) Alla Prima (one session)

My LEAST favorite thing...because it is tough! Haul gear...tripod, paint box of some sort, paper towels, trash bags, brushes, pigments, stand in the sun for a couple hours and hope it all comes together! However, when it turns out, it can be my MOST favorite thing!

Started classes with Timothy C. Tyler (Tim) the week after Charles and Judy left. Have to get up on Saturday am and leave the house at 8:15 or so (another of my least fav things) has been so COLD we have had an hour of discussion/lecture inside, waiting fot the temp to warm up a bit.

Tim's yard is ablaze with maples that are changing every day. You only have about 2 hours, max on each 'start'...then the light changes. One of these paintings was started one week, and then finished the next during the same time of day.

In my absolute panic, Tim helped me 'find the painting'. Since my first experience in oil was with Ann Templeton's pigments (colors) I started with those (hoping I didn't put Tim off). This was the morning session...we went to lunch, came back and the light had so totally changed we only got 30 minutes more, then put this 'start' off until the following week.

Moved to a new location. Picked up the tripod with the box, the French market basket loaded with stuff, water bottle, blah, blah, and walked it all at least a mile (it seemed) to the other side of his house to a DEAD tree. He showed me 'the painting' again. Looks easy when it is pointed out to you.

about 20 minutes into the painting...and you can see how the light has changed the shadow of that limb in the front. that is why he advised to paint that first, and not chase it as it changes. He also recommends that if you are painting a subject in the sun, make sure your canvas is also in the sun. Says you can't properly evaluate your colors if you are in the shade and your subject is in the sun. Makes for a great suntan on that side of your face! I guess if your subject is in the shadow, you can be in the shadow. Hmmm...choose your subject wisely, otherwise you might break a sweat (oops. feel the heat in southern lady speak).

Two hours. On a slick gessoed panel, NO TURP or medium. Tim shared that the pigment is the best it will ever be straight out of the tube. When an artist starts thinning it with turp or a medium, you mess with the chemistry of the pigment and don't really know what it will do when the xtra stuff evaporates. After a week to dry, the colors were still vibrant. He says they will stay that way. Also used the term that you 'sculpt' the paint. This one is thick and juicy in, fun!

Week Two: hour and a half, then lunch. This one was done! Then we went to lunch, talk more art and come back for a finish on the underpainting from last week for another completion about an hour later. Tim is showing me how to capture the light quickly before it changes, and then to 'key' the other parts of the painting off that.

Week 2: finish this one. Tim did make a few (?) strokes, but the drawing and composition were mine. The tree changed this much in a week.
Is this fun or what? Worth getting out of bed for early on a saturday. Loose, juicy, no mediums...just a ton of pigment all mooshed together. 
We are in Denver, meeting our new Grandboy, Liam. Left Saturday after class (6pm by the time we got packed), drove to a miserable spot in Kansas in a room that 'if walls could talk'. However, Randy, me and the 3 hairy kids don't really care if the room smells good, and the linens are clean. For 5 hours, who cares? then up and off this am, to arrive in Denver around 5pm. Showered in the nice hotel room, then went to B&K's. wonderful neighborhood in downtown Denver, old houses, big huge colorful trees, parks everywhere...and baby Liam at 6 weeks old has colic really bad. So we ate fresh grilled salmon, Randy's concoction of a pecan/orange sauce and took turns trying to get Liam to fart.
Life in the fast lane! with the Ross's!
More later, when I figure out how to get the photos off the (new) camera. I'm slowly catching up. 
We plan to drive back all day Wednesday, and if we are still kicking, get up on thursday to join Tim for a paint-out day in Eureka springs...with him 'off the clock' painting for himself 'alla prima'. Be hard not to watch him, but just fun to be invited! Let's see, drive 13 hours (time difference), get up and leave the house on thurs am at 8 to 'catch the light' in Eureka around 9. works for me!


Erika Nelson said...

omahgootness Red what you do when we don't talk for a while lol Your paintings already look good because you are good! I can see more vibrancy however! You're always so good about sharing what you're learning for that I'm always thankful ;)

Remember when we painted plein air on my property? For some reason I thought you were a morning person but I guess you're mainly a good sport hahaha! Looking forward to seeing these in person. I feel you're enjoying your lessons so I'm very happy for you! Bravo! Loves ya!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

morning person? You had me confused with someone else! I've been Liam-sitting all day while Betsy and Randy went to get her new car registered. I'm wearing her infant sling, and he has been in it all afternoon. We are out of milk (breast variety) so I hope they get here soon.

He was so good all afternoon I was able to sit here at my computer and watch 3 hours or so of Tim's Still Life DVD. Just studyin' and rockin'.

Erika Nelson said...

Awwww baby fix!!! You are so luckyyyy! Have you sketched him while he's asleep yet? Such a good student you are too no wonder you win prizes! So I guess you will not be going to the Massey on Friday for Carole Cooper's presentation huh? I was watching the Reid DVD today so that makes me a good student too huh?

vickiandrandyrossart said...

we either start out wed night, with our grandson Rip and his mom Jodi...2 cars...or wait until wed am and drive 12-14 we can go paint in Eureka with Tim on thurs. I WILL be avail for CC at Massey. Just keep me informed on whether I need to bring lunch or what. K?