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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Charles Reid Watercolors in Rogers days 1 and 2

Can't believe I have been untethered from my computer for the last 10 days! What a whirlwind 2 weeks...getting ready for the arrival of Charles, mentioned in the same breath with Homer Winslow and John Singer Sargeant (except Charles is breathing and they're not). No, seriously, he is considered the modern master of watercolor!

Again, the joy I receive while watching the faces of these 20 students watch a master is beyond compare. I truly get a kick from organizing workshops. Several on the horizon for 2009.

The hotel, Marriot Residence Inn, hit a home run with everyone from outside the area. Charles and Judy said this is one of the better accommodations they have ever been offered. The management enjoyed our artists (after all, most business meetings are stuffy and demanding)...they even let us overflow out into the main dining room from our meeting room and enjoyed watching the paintings develop.

We had rain the first 2 days, then on Wednesday the Ozarks performed one of its miraculous weather tricks. Perfect blue skies, a cool morning, and peak temperature around 70. We set up in historic downtown Rogers, complete with antique Frisco Railroad caboose, and 100 year old buildings.

Here are a few photos from the first 2 days.

Charles drawing Lisa, our model for the day as he explained seeing shadow shapes.


First painting on the left is a monotone showing the shapes,
middle drawing with a bit of color, and softened edges,
and #3 in progress full color

the afternoon painting session

Day 2 model, my favorite China Doll, Erika
One of Charles favorite things to paint, a double pose with a profile and a full face

before he added the sky and beach

I got plenty of painting time because these artists brought minimal gear, and knew how to set up, move around, and adjust. Painting mobile is such good practice for artists. You learn how little you really need to do good work. I even painted sitting down, with a chair for an easel. By the last day, I was trimmed down (well, my gear was) to a cute lime green jelly briefcase that Erika gave me...just perfect for mobile painting!
More to come! We made some great new friends, saw some old great new friends (not old, just knew them already), and got to spend some time with some of our great local friends. A fabulous week, with artists who were thrilled to be in the same room with Charles.
Haven't strayed too far from my chair today...ain't laptops wonderful?


Durinda Cheek said...

Thanks for sharing your workshop, Vicki! I am doubly impressed that you can paint, direct, and type at the same time! ;D It all sounds wonderful.
I just finished the FL workshop, had a great group and fantastic places to paint, but I can only focus on one thing at a time- and that was teaching, no laptop, no painting for myself.

Erika Nelson said...

There I am! Red I looked tired already on day 2 LOL! These are cool pics! I still cannot believe I met Charles and he painted me and I worked with him and he taught me AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH that was such a BLAST! Thank you thank you thank you for making it all possible in a million ways and from every angle! I cannot believe I was even able to purchase my portrait ACK! It was a CLASS ACT workshop and A+ coordination by you and Randy. If anybody wants to ask about the kind of workshop you put out send the questions to me for a testimony! Basically everybody, from the the guest artist, to the students and the Hotel staff had a smile because you did such an outstanding job! You rock!!!!! xoxoxox

vickiandrandyrossart said...

'Rinda, good things happen here in NorthWest Arkansas! I am just the Epiphany Catalyst (no kidding, that used to be my title when we owned our marketing company)...I come up with the ideas, then figure out how to make them work!

Look forward to seeing your workshop photos!

China Doll!
It wouldn't have been the same without you and Shirley, Betty (glad she didn't run you into any tables) and Van Gogh (who waited until Friday afternoon to balk on your lift). Your smilin' face keeps me going!

Peggi Habets said...

Great post. I can only say I am oh, so jealous. Charles Reid is such an amazing teacher and painter. I hope to be able to attend one of his workshops one day. Thanks for the photos. Looks like you all learned so much

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Peggi, thank you so much for enjoying my blog. It was truly a great week in Arkansas with artists from all over the country...well, the eastern side, I think southern Texas was as far west as they travelled.

Watch for 2009 schedules. We have some other zingers up our sleeve!

I'll be posting more pictures today.