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Monday, October 20, 2008

Charles Reid Watercolors in Rogers days 4and5

I'm slowly getting caught up on my fun stuff. The group so enjoyed painting outdoors (many for the first time) that when offered a chance to vote inside or was a struggle. Charles was the tie-breaker. When Susan Sharpe asked him which would teach us the most, Charles said inside.

Turned out to be a great idea...Charles had brought some of his favorite OLD black and white photography, and proceeded to show us exactly how to make up our own colors. We each picked our favorite for the afternoon paint on our own (?) session.

Charles  beginning his drawing of Winslow Homer and his dad...and the dog.

beginning the painting.

mostly finished

finished, I think. 
None of these photos are color corrected...I'm movin' too fast for that! Amazing, isn't it? And you can paint it as many times as you want, and will get different colors every time. Paint a cityscape behind instead of ocean...change the color of their could entertain yourself for days! 
SO, I chose the Indian on the horse, and his walking friend...old running buddies of Geronimo...sure didn't want to choose the one Charles did!
Off to a good start. Spent 2 hours on the drawing, then started.

Was going so well I scared me into quitting. Then sweet Charles came up and said that that was war paint on the Indian's face and it was white. I popped off that in my tribe, it was yellow. Quit before I could butcher the horse. Relatively pleased, though, for 3 hours work. On hot press paper.
Fast forward past the class dinner on Thursday night, a logo design after getting home, and back again on Friday.
Guess which photo Charles picked for his 'last' demo? Sheeit! The Geronimo pals! 

Knew I was in trouble when he did his horse. I had to ask what that was hanging down between the horse's legs...bad me!

Here it is close to finish. One of the most popular when he put a price on it for sale. Then Susan had asked me if he would do a flower...just a little one...pretty if I had any control at all! She had brought in a beautiful bouquet of flowers, just in case.

A bit of suggestion, and after lunch, Charles graced us with a fabulous floral. I think he has done flowers so long that they don't challenge him much...

Tune in for pics of the last day! Gotta make this last!


Theresa Rankin said...

Wow!! I am speechless! Charles Reid...he is the real deal! How fortunate for everyone that you were able to put this workshop together!

VickiRossArt said...

It was a real pleasure! We've studied with Charles several weeks, but always en plein air. This was my first time to be inside with him...and I learned a bunch! We had a ball!