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Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Thoughts, New Paintings

I am NOT going to apologize to the world that I haven't posted in awhile. Could have. Didn't. I like to have some new photos to go along with the boring word stuff...and didn't have any.

We skipped a week at Tim's , so I had 2 paintings drying at his studio (for safety). I don't know where my 'home studio' time went. Except we are completely out of the big house, and this one looks like white trash lives here! Will get it put away soon. Still having workers here with electrical, plumbing, etc. Glad to have them here...just finishing all the little things that a new home has to have (as in, it is kinda nice when all the commodes work correctly).

I'm still enjoying having Tim challenge me with what I want to paint in class. 3 weeks ago he blew me away with a roll of paper towels. Shoot, that was going to be a walk in the park with a bucket of chicken...bring it on, big guy! Huh. Ok. Thas' right. huh. huh. Boy, was I way wr-wrong! hardest thing I think I've ever tried yet! The roll picked up golden tones from the easel, and red tones from a flower pot.

We talked about composition and how something so simple can still be effective. Had fun...great exercise!

Lots of texture. More color than shows in the dark areas...Still haven't figured out the new camera and shooting from north getting some reflection and glare. Used one of his paintings for the pommies.
Started it one week, and finished it the next. Now what to do? I'm putting him through his paces...and my classmate, Jerry (Plumlee, co-pres of Artists Northwest Arkansas) is being put through his paces copying Sargent and others. 
Got back from lunch and Tim had set up a silver rimmed martini glass in front of a blue board...sitting on the same gold easel (a Jack Richeson w/c taboret). 
I just got right down to it...other than showing me a few stroke techniques...this one is all mine! Fabulous textures and rich colors. We varnished it yesterday (Tim uses Gamblin paint varnish that you mix yourself). It is watery consistency, and basically a retouch varnish, easily removable. I brought it home yesterday, and when I got settled down to paint this afternoon, realized the electrician was using it to put his screws on! I about had a fit...

'Chin-Chin' Vicki Ross

He suggested writing the name of the painting in the wet paint with a pencil. Chin-Chin is what the French friends say when they toast. Kristina thought it was an exotic toast based on some oriental emotion or something. It was quite a time before she learned they just are mimicing the sound crystal makes when clicked together. I'm now on the lookout for fabulous drink glasses for painting. Have even been looking at all the gift sets at the liquor stores for something stunning.

So, if any of you local people have something, let me borrow it, OK?

I might gut up and take a few photos of the garage tomorrow...6,000 sq ft of 'stuff' into 3,500 new house. Don't know how we managed to accumulate so much in the 7 years since the fire when we had nothing. I still think the Indians had it right...when the weather changes or your teepee gets dirty...pick up that sucker and MOVE IT!

OR, have you ever thought about the first Neanderthal woman who got the bright idea of using a tree branch to sweep out her cave? Prompting her neighbor to not only sweep out HER cave, but brought in a weed for decoration? It escalated from there to where we are now...remember George Carlin's skit on 'Stuff '?

Over and Out...



Sue Smith said...

You ARE a real artist! Struggle on, girl, it's all worth it.
And duck those tomatoes...I've had to run for cover.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thanks, sue. do you ever reach the point where you KNOW your paintings are good?

Sue Smith said...

yes...but that could just be the wine talking :>)

Erika Nelson said...

Man you make anybody look like such a slacker! Some go'geous art you're displaying here Red! LOVE the paper towel, I think it's actually my favorite as I can tell it's 2-ply and not the cheap kind, probably Viva roll manufactured in... ok TMI lol

Now you get to experience having tons of art supplies in smaller space since you are not going to have a fully furnished home as well.

Hey let's you, me and Theresa participate in the latest DSDF, it's portraits!!!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

have no clue what dsdf is...i've spent the past few hours wondering what i am going to do since painting is kicking my butt. wait til you see the poopers from today!

maybe nail tech?

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Luvin' both of these! the partitions and chin chin!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thx, robin. now trying to decide if I want to post the 2 stinkers I worked on this week!

Tina Steele Lindsey Art said...

Chin-Chin: festive and fun (sorry about the screws - some folks just don't have a clue, poor things)

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thanks, tina...Poor guy, I didn't have the heart to act shocked. Just offered to move them, knowing that any scratches could be fixed. I could have pitched a royal fit, and then he could have crossed the wires on the lights he was adding over the cabinets.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

So the guy used your painting for... I'm having a hard time even saying this... a screwdriver?

What kind of electrician doesn't bring his own tools?!

The glass painting is oh so fun; hope to see more!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Even a TRAY for his screws and stuff. I caught him before he totally ruined it...just had one small scratch. DUH!

need some more glasses...that one was tim's. looked all over at xmas for fancy gift boxes with wild martini glasses...guess I'll have to take some time and go to flea markets.

It was so much fun!