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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I never throw away travel photos

Thanks to my studies with Tim (Tyler)  I am feeling better about my abilities and progress as a 'real' artist. Those of you who have been at this spot for years may look at these new paintings and shake your heads that I think these constitute 'real art'. And in 6 months I'll look at these and be embarrassed that I did too. HOWEVER, that is the way it goes in the art world. Just as you reach a certain level of proficiency and get a bit comfortable with discover a new technique, a new pigment or brush...or switch from oils to pastels or to watercolors. Tends to shake things up a bit, ragged results for awhile, then calm again.

I've found as well that 6 months in oil actually improves my pastel efforts. Haven't figured out what improves my watercolors, except a week studying with 'my' Charles Reid!

SO, to illustrate the title of this post. I never throw away any of my travel photos. My photos are not intended to make museum quality prints with composition, lighting, filters etc. Mine help me remember the smells, the awe when I see something that might make a good painting, and so on. I've kept photos that were out of focus...then when I read about 'shut one eye and squint the other' to enable you to simplify your source, I remember the photo I took and kept 6 years ago.

This method requires a good sized hard drive and photo management software. Being a Mac and iPhoto user, I can put my hands on the exact day we were in Cape Town, South Africa in December 2002.

Yesterday I packed a couple hours at the old house, came home and unpacked a few boxes in the future studio, and then rewarded me with a bit of paint time. Worked a bit on the one from last week, and got 90% on a new one. Both from Cape Town, both the same day

These are very loose oils, and look better from across the room than up close.

December 20, 2002. Look at this glorious sky!  just realized that my water is bigger than the photo...and the clouds are more yellow in can tell that my bay area is more daylight than the photo.
Chuck and Maureen arrived from the states, and were staying at her sister's house. Mike and Paulette's house was barricaded from the front, and had fences on all windows (on the inside, like store fronts in big cities). Every time they left the house, these had to be closed and secured to prevent theft. We were invited to dinner (we were ensconced in a wonderful 200 year old home B&B. (funny story. our travel agent booked us a hotel, and with a flurry of activity, Mike and Paulette found us this charming place instead. Turns out the original hotel was a prostitution destination!), Prostitution is legal there.
Anyway, their house is high up on a hill overlooking Cape Town Bay. On a clear night you can hear the sounds of performers down on the Victoria and Albert Wharf singing.
Anyway, inside and outside on the deck all evening. Couldn't seem to get enough photos. Here are a few more (in a slideshow)

Photo badly out of focus...but I liked the drama. For some reason, 2 brush strokes are showing up in the upper right hand corner, looks like bugs bunny! Not this visible in the painting. Also, painting is a bit darker. JJeez, maybe I shouldn't post these after all!

Maybe I should go back to moving.


Erika Nelson said...

How do you pack and unpack then paint in one day? Looking good Red! Is the top cotton candy pic a photo or a painting? Love those clouds but not as much as I love you! xox

vickiandrandyrossart said...

cotton candy was the target photo. me thinks I missed it!

Pack an hour, come back to new house, unpack an hour...the paint 2 hours...


Sue Smith said...

These are beautiful paintings. When you look back on them, you'll be smiling!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks, Sue! I keep on painting...even though it is the hardest thing I have ever attempted. Piano, Clarinet, Sewing, Needlework, Needlework Design and Publication, Graphic Design/Art, blah, blah, snore.

Painting has kicked my butt, but I won't give up...probably 'cause it didn't come easy. The others have gone by the wayside a long time ago.


thanks for the comment!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Beautiful photos and paintings! I'd love to see a size on the paintings when you get around to it.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

diana, the cotton candy painting is 9x12, the dark evening sky one is 11x14.

thanks for your compliment...I'll start putting sizes on, and when I get more organized, prices. Must begin more promoting of me and making money.


Erika Nelson said...

Happy Birthday REDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

Theresa Rankin said...

You will love every step you have taken....when you look back! Painting...and being good at it is a kick ass operation....I, like you have done a number of things from all the needle arts, piano and growing my own food....but painting continues to challenge me every single say! Sometimes I get a little discouraged when I have bad painting (my post today but not for too long....then there is a good one..(tomorrows post!) Keep up the great work...Tim is a great are in good hands! Your work continues to evolve...a very good thing!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks, T! You have always been nice about my painting efforts...


vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks, T! You have always been nice about my painting efforts...