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Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Art Challenge...L**o Man!

We've all been toiling in secret over this month's challenge...a L**o Man! Eight artists all received the subject mid-January, and had until Feb. 14 (yesterday) to email our masterpieces to each other. Then each of us posted a blog containing all paintings.

This has been so challenging...I had so much fun I did two paintings, one a bit twisted (see next blog)! Glad I did a conformist painting, too. My first painting was a play on words 'L**o Man' became 'Leg o'Man'...let your imagination run away with you a bit. Have to wait for it!

After 3 weeks on that painting, I felt I at least needed to stick with the subject...hence, 'Le-GO my Sake' was born. My mother-in-law is Japanese, and we have tons of her tchotche's packed away. My little friend, Rhianan loaned me this little Chinese L**o guy with a sword in his hand. I got the bright idea of turning a pair of Japanese chopsticks (they are pointed on the ends) into a pair of stilts. Set him up in front of a mirror (held a paper towel behind the camera so all the background stuff disappeared...and there you have it!

Many thanks to Diana Moses Botkin for putting this group together...and stay tuned once a month for more creative thinking painting! Each artist's name links to their blog, and the complete list is on the right sidebar of my blog.

Here goes (me first it's my blog):

"Le-Go My Sake" © 2009 Vicki Ross 
6x12" oil on panel
"Soldier Boy Please Don't Go" © 2009 Marie Fox
8x10" oil on canvasboard
"Anna at Play" © 2009 Robin Cheers
6x6" oil on panel
"Toy Knight Turns Artist" © 2009 Dianne Mize
5x9" Watercolor on Cold Pressed Paper

"The Line Up" © 2009 Michael Naples 
6x6" oil on board
"Call Me Plastic Figure One More Time" © Silvinia Day 
8x10" oil

"Snow! Why'd it Have to be Snow?!" © Diana Moses Botkin  
3.5x5" oil

"Cheyenne Funnel Beak" © Mike Beeman 
5x7" oil


Erika Nelson said...

I still think Leg O Man was a fantastic idea though lol!

Sue Smith said...

Too funny, what a fun time I had looking at all this fabulous art! Can't decide which ones are my favorites...a lot of creating thinking going on over there. A great inspiration too...

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Erika, I'm posting about leg o'man tonight is FUN, isn't it? just a little twist on challenge. Lots of latitude for that creative free-thinker artist!

Both of you, I think all the blogger commentators are facebookin!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

All our Challenge Group had a lot of fun with this and I believe that you had twice as much fun, since you painted two pieces!

Marie Fox said...

Vicki, I love your whimsical interpretation of the plastic toy painting challenge! Very playful...

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Diana, I did enjoy this. No telling where it is going to go by the time we tweak it a bit!

Marie...I am all about fun and whimsy. Keeps me 'involved'.