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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a few tweaks and the WIP paintings are finished!

What an absolutely gorgeous day! This morning the temp was a balmy 68°. Of course, I'm usually not out and about at 9am...but anything for art. I sat on the front terrace and enjoyed the birds and flowers while I painted. After lunch it was edging up on 85° and my perfect spot was in the sun.

Thought you'd like to see the final paintings from the last blog. I knew there were a couple problems, but was just proud I had gotten them as far as I did before stopping. This is sorta like two photos and finding the differences that are hidden...except I'm going to tell you what they are!

The first version of 'Montmartre'. I knew there was a bit of a perspective issue with the frame on the left...and with the stark white of the painting's paper. I knew I had nailed his face and the woman on the right...but know enough to know just a few tweaks would make all the difference. SO, toned down the whites, did another session on his face, extended the width of the caricatures painting so his nose would 'pop' more. I also did some chunky strokes on the 2 background paintings and made the frame in the back have a vertical to more resemble a painting in the other row.
"Montmartre" ©2009 Vicki Ross
Oil on panel, 12x16"
On the Black Iris, I took a chance with the dark background. Originally thought a 5 value in an umber would do the trick, but when I tried it in photoshop the flower died. Just bringing the background a value lighter and warmer did the trick! Restating the darks in the flower and a few brushy strokes made this one finished.
The original above, and the mildly edited one below:
"Black Iris" ©2009 Vicki Ross
Oil on panel, 12x16"


bjculbertson said...

As I've told you before I really enjoy seeing your newest work and your comments & brushy strokes. Keep going gal your are doing great!!!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Yes, but I never tire hearing it! You reinforce my decision to become an artist!

Erika Nelson said...

Love the top piece so beautifully detailed and a story to tell!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

wish they were all that easy!

Vern Schwarz said...

These are awesome Vicki, I really enjoyed the slide show on the development of Montmarte. What a great photo and idea for this painting. You really gave this guy life.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

He was a real character...crowds were so big it was hard to get any kind of a shot, so I made do with this one. Glad you like the slideshows. I intend to keep doing them!