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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life of an Artist

After painting 6 or so hours, in my own tape helping me stay in the zone...I quit around 6pm. Went to wash brushes and saw the most wonderful scene out the window.

Randy was sitting on the driveway with our new neighbors, Jill and Scott, and their precious daughters...Demi (3) and Steely (8). The girls were running up and down the driveway, Demi in her ubiquitous pink tutu. Both were barefoot. I couldn't wait to get out there!

About the time I finished chores, another neighbor (from Brazil with a wonderful accent) was riding his bicycle with his 4 year old daughter Isabella.

Well, an hour or so and several beers later, we all decided to go for pizza. Isabella has the most precocious personality...asking me 'why does your hair do that' which I replied, 'why does YOUR hair do that'.

At the table, she asked 'what color is your hair'. I replied, 'Red'. and she retorted 'no, ala'range'. Her mother is Portugese and Isabella is learning the language. I know I horribly mispelled her color name...but it was evident she said ORANGE!

All three girls are so precious. The artist in me can't wait to get the camera out to try and capture those perfect rosebud mouths, curly hair, and boo-boos from bike riding.

All in all, a wonderful spontaneous evening! Can't wait for more...


Erika Nelson said...

I'm so jealous that you are exposed to children in your 'hood! I love watching children though I am ever so glad neither Scott nor I have one hahahaha! We are both quite a handful chilluns I tell ya! But little ones are magical to watch since they are still enveloped in innocence.

Well you are RED!!!!! Rouge!

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