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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Life and Times of an Artist

A very quiet Sunday here, if you don't count the loud exclamations of 'we have too much damn stuff!'

When you downsize to a more normal sized house, and don't clean out BEFORE the some point, you have to deal with the stuff that won't fit anywhere else. We've been moving 'stuff' from one spot to another, to make room for another batch of stuff that could go into that spot. Kinda like musical chairs! Eventually, some of it makes it down and out to charity.

So, for the past 4 weeks, my focus has been on the upstairs studio space. I was holding out for the attic space, but with summer and the BIG fact that it only has a floor (no hvac, plumbing, walls, etc.) AND that all my studio supplies were in this sweltering space. THAT got a goal...move it or lose it.

I think we put the final touches on it today. My big David Sorg easel moved out of the hot box room (it was way to valuable for the wood to be allowed to bake). My modified Jack Richeson easel also fits, and I organized all my supplies, labelled boxes and put on the 2 stainless steel shelving units. With the artist's donkey, I can have 3 work stations! Four if you count the kitchen...:).

SO, now you know what I've been up we get the Stas gallery hanging system installed upstairs and storage paintings can get out of the floors. Randy is hoping I claim the new studio space SOON so I'll clear out the breakfast room where I've been doing quite well, thank you very much for the past 7 months!

The new studio space (was designed as an upstairs media/family room and the floored attic opens off this room). The light is unfortunately from the west, but can be windows can be closed down if necessary. Thank goodness I'm not a messy painter with ivory carpet (view from the doorway):

view from the window...even room for a sofa along the right hand wall

The Sahara Studio: 
All those stainless tables are from our now closed office...they will come in very handy someday

Just flat file is full of watercolor papers and pastel papers. Hope they can take the heat:

My current space...all over the downstairs! The dining room, paintings laid out to dry and await framing. Other paintings on the floor awaiting display, gallery, or frame-robbing:

Now this is ingenious! paintings up the stairs drying, etc.

My cozy studio: The breakfast room with wonderful north light. I've painted very effectively in my nest, with my EasyL on the table. My Open Box M pastel box fits nicely on the near end. With this setup, I've painted 4 paintings that have been juried into national shows. On my left, the chair holds a cassette player where I can listen to books on tape (currently in Hunchback of Notre Dame). On my right sits an iPod portable speaker player should I just want music...:
Yup, that is the fridge and newest painting is propped up against the faucet:
View from the ipod speakers:
Can't imagine why Randy is ready for me to move up to the new studio! I spent a few minutes up there today, just putting some of my 'stink' in the air...letting the space speak to me. I can stand at each easel if I want, and move out into the hallway to get 15 feet or so away from the painting in progress. I'm also going to blame a little current weight gain on the fact that I've been sitting to paint for 7 months! 
thas my storie n I'm stickin' toit!


Art By Erika said...

LOL I remember those areas ;) I think it's time for you to move some of those pieces either at PRA or Ebay to give you more room ;) Besides, those big easels are looking too clean, don't you think? Time to dirty them up since you have big canvases to purge that you got from Fusion LAST YEAR!!! What would she paint on them hmmm....

VickiRossArt said...

hmmm. what could she paint! I've used several of the 18" square ones...some vast sky paintings perhaps, or some rushing water scenes?

Art By Erika said...


Durinda Cheek, Fine Artist said...

Can't wait to show your photos to my husband. He thinks I have WAY too much stuff! :>) I think you would come in a close second to me!
Happy Painting!

VickiRossArt said...

My studio at the big house was so far away from the kitchen I felt like I had to leave a trail of bread crumbs. Therefore, it was more difficult to break away to it. This working studio is right in the center of the house, and more conducive to quick encounters. I am going to move the bulk of it upstairs today, but might leave a workstation because it is so convenient.

To all you husbands out there who are so lucky to be married to artists, thank your lucky stars we collect $5 paint brushes and tubes of pigment that last a very long time...instead of $500 pairs of designer shoes that get worn once or twice.

We creatives can spend $200 and entertain ourselves for weeks and months, which in turn makes for very happy people!

Hush now, or we'll spread your toast with cad yellow!

Robin Pedrero said...

I am so excited for your new space!! That ivory rug would not survive in my artistic presence lol

VickiRossArt said...

ya know what, Robin? I have a wonderful cloth backed vinyl tablecloth from wal-mart that I put under one easel. At least this room's carpet does not connect with any other, it is not beyond the realm of consciousness that it could be replaced with the same wood of the hallway. just in case!

moved up some of the excess from the kitchen...but painted in there again this afternoon. Moving gradually!