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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moses-Botkin Challenge for July...'Self-Portrait'

Curses on you, Michael Naples! The dreaded self-portrait...

I just completed a workshop intensive with Kay Polk, from Dallas, Texas who won a first place for her portrait of "Sunny" at the 2009 Portrait Society of America competition. Thought I'd give her techniques a try. That and 35 years of practice...maybe I'll get close! I refrained from scaring you with the wingies/dents all over my face  :)

"ME ala Schmid"
©2009 Vicki Ross
8x10" oil on canvas
For my non-painting friends, Richard Schmid wears his magic hat when he paints. I found this English Sailor's cap last year in France for a whole 2 Euros! It fits SO good, perfectly molded to sit at a cocky angle...and I would wear it more it I felt I didn't look ridiculous in it. AND, since it is wool, it is very toasty...not for Arkansas weather!
See my slideshow of this painting at the bottom after all the other WONDERFUL self-portraits of my group. The motley crew of Moses-Botkin Monthly Challenge Group...
Drum Roll Please!!!

“Self Portrait”
8” x 10”, pastel

"Self-Portrait with Steve's Shirt"
11x14 oil on canvas
Silvina Day
"Making Up Her Own Story"
Oil on Canvas, 24" x 20"
©2009 Marie Fox

"Self Portrait" 
6x6 Oil on board

Self-Portrait Loathing
12x12 oil on panel
c 2009 Robin Cheers

"Make Me Beautiful, Rembrandt!"
Oil on Panel 6"x8"
c 2009 Diana Moses Botkin

My slideshow:


Art By Erika said...

BRAVO! Another excellent challenge my dear! I thought I heard RC calling for his hat that's missing! You were already skilled in portraiture so I'd be curious to pick your brain about specific things you learned from Kay (and I'm still sorry I missed her workshop. Nothing I love more than experiencing the creative energy of an oil portrait artist... ok watercolors too as in our Charles Reid :) )

Love your flesh tones and you captured your soul in the eyes. I'd love to see another portrait from mirror version of this? Come on do it do it! :D

Loves ya Red evn though you stood me up at the BBQ yesterday HAHAHAHAHAH I know you are but what am I?! xox

VickiRossArt said...

I'm confused...another from mirror? This was from mirror and life. I only resorted to a computer image to correct drawing a bit and refine flesh tones.

Art By Erika said...

Ohhh ok I thought you only used the mirror to get the pose and went to print. Do another one from an odd angle tape the mirror to something lol (Demanding little devil aren't I?) I just love your portraits is all :)

Diana Moses Botkin said...

The hat just tops this off!

Thanks for taking part in my little Challenge Group, dear Vicki. I always love what each member brings forth every month from the creativity that is uniquely his or her own.

VickiRossArt said...

I can't do anything without a bit of humor! And thanks back to you for inviting me in the first place...I still can't figure out that connection...