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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PAPO Aug 24 at the lake

Plein Air Painters of the Ozarks meets every Wednesday 8 or so months out of the year and they always have a great time. I don't go often because Plein air painting is hard work...especially in August, in the Ozarks! Only 85 or so, but the humidity! and the rocks used to cover the hillside absorb the heat and reflect it back to you. (there was quite alot of socializing going on instead of painting). Of course, those of you who know and luv me know I am all business...have to get a good painting. THEN I can relax!

Cathy Wayson and her husband fed us great charbroiled burgers with all the extras after our 2 hours of painting.

It doesn't matter what kind of 'gear' you have, there is always something better. I think I'm done, tho. My EasyL box weighs almost nothing...the Guerilla Painter tripod is a bit heavy, but works great. I carry a soft-side cooler for other supplies. OH, and a field easel. Fairly streamlined, but you still have 5 or so things slung over your shoulder, which is WAY too much. Gotta get something on wheels (have had a few variations of wheeled bags that did not work). May have to go back to watercolor for physical gear hauling (a w/c block, my 4" brass Charles Reid w/c box, a handful of pigments and a good chair with easel or tripod, just hold the block in your lap supported by the arm. Lord knows I have plenty of watercolor supplies! and oil and acrylic and oh yeah, pastels. Sure has been fun collecting it all!

I've carried variations of the above gear all over Salzburg, Prague, Amalfi Coast in Italy, and France. I KNOW the values of painting outside, however, it is physically demanding...and today I think I came back in with a bit of heatstroke.

But, with all my whining (I need some cheeze with my whine), get a load of these sunflowers!


Durinda Cheek, Director said...

Glad you are able to get out this summer. Those sunflowers are the "real" thing- not the smaller flower variety so many call sunflowers.
We are about to break the 90s cycle this week so looking forward to plein-airing again soon myself.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

And you are the one who got me out for a walk in Fontaine-Fourches...on my third visit. Bet you could get me out painting more often, too!

Art By Erika said...

Bravo that you got out to paint and your painting is wonderful of course! With all your art equipment when are you having a yard sale of rejects? :) I still have your books. Trying to decide if I should order them...haven't really had chance to read more than 6 pages but been enjoying the images, I'm awful. I'll have them for you at next meeting!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

been missin' you CD! need your advice on the last post on 'Parrot Tulips' and we'll visit, KK?

Not to worry about the books. If you buy one, I'd get the 2nd one. Of course, the first one is just luscious reading.

Mom leaving in a couple days? When do you go to Florida?

Cathy said...

Nice to see my yard though someone else's eyes. I was very happy it didn't rain or that it wasn't in the 90s like it's been. I really like what you painted. I almost pulled those sunflowers out and at the last moment I decided not to do it. Turns out they were the favorite subject but I liked how you included the driftwood in your picture. Glad you came. Come back anytime.

Cathy Wayson

vickiandrandyrossart said...

You and your husband were fabulous well as your neighbors. Your yard is beautiful, and I wish I had taken more better pics! The food was wonderful as well as the company...I think those sunflowers made the perfect accent piece and would let them finish their cycle.