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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Surprise and Goodbye to Close Friends

A friend brought a friend over late on Labor Day weekend for a glass of wine, and he chose FIVE of my paintings for his collection (must have been some wine)! MY paintings! He carefully looked at all my framed pieces and managed to choose some of my favs. (we definitely have to get the others on the walls instead of stacked in the floor).

The ones he chose came from my experiences in France (except for Taxi). I realized something important last night, that my stories of the scenes made a real impact on him. (note to self: always tell the story!) Another very good reason NOT to use someone else's source photo!

#1: Taxis. Completed for a Karin Jurick Challenge group, Different Strokes for Different Folks'.

©2009 Vicki Ross
6x12 oil on panel
#2: French Village. so many rainy days in France...and  you have to go to market anyway. Umbrellas, shiny, reflective cobblestones, misty buildings...sturdy shoes a necessity. And know that the fresh veggies carried home will make a delicious country meal in front of a blazing fire! The collector asked if I could mist out the upper buildings a bit more like the Taxi buildings. I agreed that this was a great idea.

"French Village"
©2099 Vicki Ross
6x12 oil on panel
#3: Barflies. Back when France was known for their smoky bars and restaurants, this type of scene was common. Eyes burn, flourescent lights glow in the greenish light from aliens, wet wool smells, people sociable and willing to rub shoulders for the night. Now, smoking is a no-no. Don't think these walls will ever be free of the yellowish nicotine. People drop in for a drink, or the evening...and move on. A bit of drama between the couple in the foreground, couple in the background looking for a spot to sit, solitary bald guy sipping and looking...?
©2008 Vicki Ross
12x18 pastel on sanded paper
#4: Montmartre. Hordes of tourists, same today as 100 years ago. Hordes of locals, ditto. Painters and artists still massed shoulder to shoulder, easel to easel in the square hawking their wares. Cool, crisp air, coffee shops line the side streets. Been the same since the days of Lautrec, Monet, Degas, Cassat. This fellow was SO intent on making a sale...his dinner and Absinth for tonight rides on this sale!

©2009 Vicki Ross
12x18 oil on Panel
#5: Phil had narrowed his choices down and then I remembered this one over in the corner. It seemed to round out his selections...and what a choice! Parisian Dancers. Kippy and I were in Paris on Sunday after putting Joann (Smith) and my Randy on a plane back to the states. We went to the market (the oldest market in Europe where the dancers dance every Sunday and have since Liberation). In the breaks, young girls tried to emulate their steps. You can almost close your eyes and feel that you have been here, in this spot, before...walking along rue Mouffetard. Children, babies, old people, and a red-haired American! I was so entranced with the early morning light and shadows. I can hear the classic tarantella every time I see this painting. My first 'assignment' in Paris on my own. Directed to enter a boucherie (horrible spelling) to score a rotiserrie chicken. My finger in my dimple, other finger pointing at a particularly choice bird, my 'bonsoiur, madame' in arkansas singsong accent fooled NO ONE! The clerk stumbled a bit, but I knew she wanted to make sure I knew the price was per pound...not for the bird, and hoped she was not offending me. Oui, Oui I said, feeling very cosmopolitan and quite proud of myself. Purchase in hand, I was very pleased with me! Kippy and I met at the corner for a brunch, sitting outside watching the crowd. PS: the vegetables she purchased made their way into a couple paintings that afternoon back in Fontaine-Fourches before being sacrificed to the stew pot!

"Parisian Dancers'
©2008 Vicki Ross
12x18 pastel on sanded paper

Goodbye, my little friends. I enjoyed creating you! I know you are going to a new space where you will be admired for a long time.
Think this means I need to go back to Kippy and Jerome's for more inspiration? ME TOO!

ps: thought you'd like to see the little girl during the dancer's break...

au revoir!


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Congrats on the sales! Fine paintings all (what good taste your friend has)!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thanks for leaving a comment here on the blog...most comments were made on facebook. At least I know you saw the paintings!

Anonymous said...

Great work and fun post to read, Vicki! How wonderful to sell so many paintings at once! Yeah, I think this justifies another trip to France.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks, on to the upcoming Moses-Botkin Challenge for September! We gotta figure out a way to get you to France (and back) :)

Art By Erika said...

Wow this is wonderful news congratulations - he made excellent choices!

Are not coming back to the Invitational Critique Group anymore? I haven't seen you there since I got invited to join. LUVS!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thx, CD. I was pleased! Having them re-mounted (clean glass, new backing and wire) so they will be perfect. Can't send stuff to shows and expect it to be right.

Durinda Cheek, Director said...

Wonderful works, Vick! Makes me miss France too. When are WE going again?

vickiandrandyrossart said...

I would LOVe to be there with you (well, longer than 2 days). As long as I don't have to play dress-up with your socially-correct students! As you know, I'm irreverent! Not irrelevant, just socially aberrant!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

My good friend and art advisor Joann, wrote this to me in an email and tried to this may be a shameless show of braggart-ism (sic?) but she does have a way with words:


And whatever faults that buyer may have, they are certainly offset by his good taste in art! He has a keen eye for talent. Those pieces he chose were
some of my favorites too! Still, think of the pleasure you've brought to hearts and minds and don't lament the moment of their capture or their
absence in your life. Simply look at the original photo again and dig out another aspect (use a magnifier or microscope if you must) and viola!
another inspired painting. Coast on it, revel in the moment of discovery!!

I'd personally love to see you do just the "Small Girl Dancing!"; she is so full of energy and profound joi de vie! Wonder if she chose that dress and laid it out the night before with some perfect knowledge of dancing on the cobblestones the next day as the crowd clapped and stomped their approval of her talent. The idea of using your own photos for inspiration and living models is to capture that once in a life time energy filled moment and that goes for every single jot and diddle that made up the scene. Further opportunity is always gained when you recognize how much each life is complimenting the whole of that one moment. So many indigenous peoples have it right when they refuse tourists "capturing their (spirit) energy" with cameras.

More please!