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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New finishes! Adenocard must have done the trick...

Finished several paintings that were languishing around...nagging at me. You need to go to the blog to see them all. Feels good to declare victory! Enjoy...this week will see some finishes on figurative works.

"Tanyard Creek"
©2009 Vicki Ross
12x16" oil on linen panel $815

"Charles Bridge, Prague"
©2009 Vicki Ross
11x14" oil on panel $650

"A Green Toast"
©2009 Vicki Ross
6x12" oil on panel $360

"Healing Springs, AR"
©2009 Vicki Ross
11x14" oil on panel $650

©2009 Vicki Ross
11x14" oil on linen panel $650


Art By Erika said...

Wow it must feel good to get these out of the back of your mind darlin' and they are beautiful! Wish I could see Tanyard Creek and Healing Springs. I know I need a couple muscle men to take me to Tanyard Creek lol

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Well, CD. If I'd have known, I'd have put them in the car for your perusal as we had lunch today!! Came home and finished a few more...Are they perfect as they could be? probly not. Are they done as far as I am concerned? YES! Declare victory so I can do some new starts!

Anonymous said...

Healing Springs Arizona is my favorite. Beautiful reflections.
Just read about your ER visit, scary! When my heart gets out of control like that it's because I'm overdoing it with the coffee.