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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monte Ne, Arkansas

Just finished this commission...two 18x36" oil on canvas paintings.

Monte Ne, Arkansas (east of Rogers) was quite the resort in the early 1900's. Built by William 'Coin' Harvey it was a playground for the rich and famous...a health resort and planned community. Complete with its own railroad and bank, it was built around a natural spring. Other features included the first indoor swimming pool in Arkansas, and the world's largest log cabin...Oklahoma Row.

"Oklahoma Row, Monte Ne, Arkansas"
18x36" oil on canvas
© Vicki Ross

An authentic Venetian gondola was used to ferry visitors from the amphitheater (called the pyramid by locals) to the town. A prestigious girl's camp, Camp Joyzelle, was in the area. Harvey constructed the amphitheater to be the 'lobby' for the planned pyramid/obelisk.

By the time my dad started going to the area in the 1940's, it had already fallen into ruin. When I remember going in my teens the hotels were already gone. Beaver Lake covered the area in 1967; one of the concrete chairs (bottom right) sits in downtown Rogers today. The pyramid is underwater most of the year...the only structure remaining (the tower in the left above) is facing demolition.

"The Pyramid, Monte Ne, Arkansas"
18x36" oil on canvas
© Vicki Ross

"Oklahoma Row postcard"
Pyramid from the 1910 brochure

The tower as it stands today...sometimes partially underwater


Diana Moses Botkin said...

What interesting historical paintings! I love the vintage photos too. You are to be congratulated for doing a fantastic job with the challenges you faced.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Thanks, D. I actually enjoyed working from the b/w photos. Am doing more grisaille underpaintings in my daily work now.