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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vicki Ross Show at Julie Wait Gallery

WOW! What a great turn-out...downtown Rogers is becoming an art destination! Poor Richard's Art did a fabulous job of promoting the event at Julie Wait's Gallery with postcards, emails, and press. Special thanks to Jan Ironside, Johnny Ware and Kathy Mahue for all their hard work in making  the show actually happen. 

Showing up for the show is kinda anti-climatic after weeks of doing the best painting you can do. Of course, I had to push my limits by enrolling in an oil-painting workshop all day Friday and Saturday, with this reception from 4-8.

And take a look at this cake! Looks just like Chateau de Sigy in France.

Talk about trying to do it all! Early Friday, shower, make-up, clean jeans and black turtleneck. Then throw on my favorite soft black hoodie. Paint right up to 3:45, jump in the car, drive from Bella Vista to downtown Rogers. Arrive breathless, with silk jacket under my arm.

There were already people there, so I shucked that hoodie, ran fingers through my hair and put on my 'artist's' jacket. Someone kissed me and left lipstick marks right next to the ultramarine blue on my face.

Thrilled with the sales! Thanks to everyone.

ps: contact Poor Richard's about purchases.


bross said...

Wow. Wish I could have been there to share in all the exitement. I'm so proud of you and happy for you. Way to go, Mom. Love you.

Erika Nelson said...

Congratulations Red!!! That is wonderful that you had a successful opening with 3 sales WOOHOO!!! I don't know where you get your energy then after all this paint 3 pieces in the oil class good grief! You need a much needed day at the spa sweetheart. But not before you tell me the flavor of that gorgeous cake! *MUAH*