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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Find The Joy

What a treat! Today, that is. 

No photos on painting progress, because it looks like Mr. Les(ter) BeeDee ( is going to judge our Ozark Pastel Society annual exhibition in August. SO, since he subscribes to 'the' blog, no pics.

I worked on a potential 'good one' yesterday, and again today. I have a good figurative, a pretty good landscape...and then Ta-Da...a good still life. Can't wait to get back to the studio tomorrow and see if it finishes as good as it started!

Again, once in the studio, with ipod firmly in my ears, I lost myself to the music. I guess I am really into listening to Jessie Coulter's 'Out of the Ashes'. Those of you who have read the famous book 'Melanger avec Amour' created for La Bonne Etoile in France will know that the title song 'clicked' with me while I was doing some creative writing for the book. (Even though I thought it was Emmylou Harris at the time..and that will be changed when the book is re-done for publication).

The album sounded so good, I hit replay. Again. Kept painting. Again. I must have listened to the same album 7 times. Randy came home, I did dinner...while it cooked I went back and listened again! Talk about keeping the left brain distracted...Dancin' and Singin'...hopefully I paint better than either of those...moved around so much my feet are sore!

I knew I was going to post again this week even without pics...especially since talking with BFF Kippy and newer BFF Urania (Christy Tarbet) who is just finishing her sabbatical at Kippy's. Urania is a great cheerleader, and says I should write a book...hells-bells...what on earth about? How to hypotize yourself by listening to the same music over and over? Must be AOA...Adult Onset Autism!

Just opened a forwarded email and reinforced my good mood...Give yourself a treat and click on It's worth it.

so it taking a look at 'THE BOOK'. It is more of an inspirational book for creatives than a cookbook. Recipes thrown in for good measure...

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