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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chez Kristina and the Plumber's Butt

Oops! hit the post key by accident...not Kristina and the
 Plumber...Chez Kristina and the Plumber's Butt!!!

Fabulous flight on NWA from Rogers to Minneapolis to Paris. Cheapest fare available, and arrived early at both destinations. Sat next to 2 college girls going to Paris for summer college credits. enjoyed the company.

Arrived at 7:20am (actually 6:20 an hour early) which those of you who know me well, know that is my best sleeping time  :) Kippy picked me up and we did errands in Paris. Talk about pain and suffering (just a kidder). If you HAVE to do errands...'allo! Paris! Whip me, beat me, make me do it! I sat in the car (to watch the luggage) and helped nagivate. Navigate. whatever. 

First stop, a visit to an art store. I watched 5 men trim a in the tree, 4 on the ground watching. My first redhead sighting in an outdoor cafe, a nun walking on the street, and general people watching. Then we drove all the way to another district of Paris for a stop to purchase canvas for the arbor. This time as I waited in the car, we were in the fabric district. These beautiful colors are selections of silks and taffedas. Taffetas. 

We then drove back through an unbelievable amount of traffic to the 5th arrondisement near Luxemborg Gradens and the apartment. barely room for the vehicles, cars parked on both sides, 10 cars trying to get through the same intersection from all directions. Way too much for my sleep deprived brain. We picked up 2 artists, had a quick lunch (well quick by Paris standards), and hit the road for La Bonne Etoile. By our 5pm arrival, I had had 2 hours sleep in 24 hours. Long story, I slept for 2 hours, and felt half-way decent for dinner. After 12 hours sleep, I'm back to abe-normal (normal for me).

I'm sitting in the kitchen with everyone, Kippy has closed her computer and opened the wine. We are waiting for Jerome to arrive from the airport with our other artist. It's 8pm, and dinner will be sometime in the future  :)

AweVore (Au Revoir)

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