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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Even Renoir had 'overs'

2 steps back! Kinda like playing forward, 2 back and reassess. Or hope for a better card, maybe a Free Pass? No such luck.

Today Les did his demo of Georges in oil. After watching him pull off another winner, we worked on ours. This first painting is Les', the others are mine. 

funny thing about painting, every 'master' has a different technique, different theories of how to get the blasted image on canvas. Every one has a different 'palette' composed of particular pigments that they have tested and used for years. Their favorite brushes, some use medium to soften the pigment, some don't. SO, as a student, it seems you are always working with unfamiliar techniques and materials. THERE, that is my story and I'm stickin' to it!


1 comment:

Art By Erika said...

RED I happen to believe that you've done a fabulous job because anybody who knows or knows of the models would recognize them in your drawings/paintings. The danger of having too many masters to learn from is you are trying to jam their knowledge multiplied by each artist in your pretty red head and it's really impossible, not to mention expensive. Just make sure you keep creating and your own mastery of the craft will emerge BEAUTIFULLY! xox