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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clavichords and Big Lutes

I need a few lessons from my nephew, Josh, who may have surpassed my abilities with uploading videos. Anyway, should I not get the video to load (I keep getting a message in French...probably thinking it is porn or something)

SO, I uploaded it to my .mac gallery The church Mons sur Montis (I think). It was constructed in the 14 or 15th century, and undergoing renovation (notice the plastic chairs)? In the center of the room was a railing with a lucite slab in the floor. It contained an archeological dig, and skulls of some massacred English soldiers...during that time.

The French LOVE any kind of event. We got there at 8pm, and they started at 9:15 or so. After an hour and a half of continuous music that was created for the King of France, music that might have been delightful as background music (but not to sit quietly and listen for that long). Lisa played with her Blackberry (and then lied about it), I played with the camera. 

All the instruments were either vintage or fine reproductions. The Clavichord and whatever the big lute thing was, the violins, cello, bass (10 musicians I think) all made strange sounds. Found out they were strung with gut string...requiring constant tuning.

After 2 standing ovations and encores, we were finally invited to a local art show. Arrived home around 11pm, and then DINNER!

Needless to say, we rested in on Sunday.

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