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Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Last 3 Weeks

Can't believe it has been almost 3 weeks since my last entry! We've not only found a fabulous independent living apartment for Randy's Mom and Dad, we furnished it, moved them and all their lifetime of 'stuff', got them moved in and unpacked by last Sunday! Everything was decorated, pictures were hung, fresh flowers in all rooms, and they slept in their own bed the first night!

In my spare time that last week, I painted six 8x10 portraits of the 3 Grands (from left, Sarah, Betsy, Bill) and the 3 Great Grands (on right, Bill's Rip and Tyler, below Betsy, the one due in September). I used creative license on that one! Randy and my co-decorator, Mary Jane Comstock did the placement and hanging on this wall.

TWO WEEKS! No wonder I am past exhausted...but their apartment looks great, all new furniture scaled to fit the space. My mood is not great, and I am once again made aware of how important the act of painting is to me. 

I leave for Paris and La Bonne Etoile on May 17. We have one strong potential for sponsorship ($1500 now, full sized portrait when I return); and a possible sponsor who will subsidize the entire trip for me in return for my graphic design expertise to publish his cookbook. Barter is a wonderful thing! If I'm meant to be there for Mr. DeMille's class, I will be there!

A few more pics of the light-filled apartment are below, since I don't have any other new work to show. Their new sofa must be acceptable, judging by Wesley fast asleep in the garden (really just a large painting  :)

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