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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flemish Method 2nd color layer French Girls

I have been painting, but on a challenge that is secret until posting date! Getting my first taste of waiting for oil paint to dry...these new methods build on previous dry layers. I learned alla prima (all at once) so you are in and out in 3 or 4 hours. Friend/mentor Ann Templeton made the comment about me 'if I could just get her to slow down'. Well, 4 hours today on just skin tones is slow enough for me.

Am finding that I am using methods, tricks, techniques from Tim and Delmus with these projects. And Mr. Les for his palette of colors and methods of applying the paint to the canvas...and of course, Ann for her spectacular palette...only occasionally adding Burnt Umber, Black, Yellow Ochre ala Tim.

As an OCD/ADD person...what, you didn't know about that? I either pick something down to its last molecule or just skim the surface! Anyway, I was using a size 1 sable at one point today...and loving it! Do I want to work this tight all the time? NO. I love the juicy pigments and drips and smears of looser styles...but, a combination of the 2 may will be interesting!

Here is the French Girls after color layer 1 (minus arms). I started with the remaining 'deal layer' areas, then moved into the 2nd layer on their faces.

I did nothing to other parts.

photographing oils is very difficult...almost as bad as trying to photograph through glass...any tips will be greatly appreciated! In my old studio, I kept my camera on a tripod and always controlled the light. The results were a bunch more consistent than with my natural north light and hit and miss OTT lights. Grey days and sunny days yield different light.
AND, since everyone loves the process is the slideshow...4 hours of work!


Erika Nelson said...

I just love the expressions on them. So now you reveal something I didn't know OCD ADD? You use your energy well!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Yup. Amazing I can do anything at all!