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Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Days are Just Like This One

Pulled a Flintstone today...wheels went round and round and I went nowhere...just like Fred!

Had to get utilities changed over to our name today...and found out that you just can't sell ice cream without the cone! (that is from a real life experience in California in the 80's with Sharron and Susan. we went into an ice cream shop and Sharron wanted hers in a cup, not a cone. After a lengthy argument/discussion with the 'scooper', he finally said he was trained that way...that inventory was calculated by how many cones were gone...therefore, he couldn't sell ice cream without the cone. Sharron retorted, fine...1 scoop on a cone with a cup on the side.)

The Electric Cooperative insisted I had to come down to the office, fill out a form and deposit of $25. They could do nothing over the phone. Even after 10 years of service with them. I didn't feel my blood pressure go up until she answered every one of my questions with the same scripted 'you have to come in and fill out a form and deposit and picture ID'. I finally for completely knocked off balance and hung up on her. We may operate with candle light.

Then after a wait on hold, the gas company was more cooperative, until they found out that my name wasn't on the account for the past 10 years...and even though I knew Randy's SS#, they wouldn't talk to me. SO, I got to tell him he was going to have to deal with these stooges anyway.

Water company was great...personal phone service, debit card, slam bam, thank you mam.

I've been so immersed in painting that I've gotten used to my goofy, airhead persona. These failed attempts today completely knocked me off my 'ooohm' planet. And I was all set to put layer 5, the first color layer, on my peony.

Luckily, Mary Jane called, and had decided to buy a new Mac iBook...and thought she was going to have to go to Tulsa for it...she had forgotten Mac is our middle 5pm she was the proud owner of a tricked out iBook, new laser printer, and on her way to the 21st (22nd?) century!

Then she bought me some food and libation at Chili's. Randy opted to join us instead of going on his Monday evening shoot competition...and we were home by 7.

If I can't figure out how to 'be in the real world' without losing my balance, I may not be able to join the business world...even on a part-time basis. And just think,  I used prosper in the business world chaos (or at least thought I did)! Being an artist is a much kinder and gentler existence.

Am joining a new challenge group online...and have posted their blogs to the right. Some pretty heavy artists...wonder if they lose their 'ooohms'.

Tomorrow is Village Art Club board meeting and general meeting...home by 3:30. Won't start on peony then either. Need several hours to do/enjoy that process for the first time. Will most probably work on the other Challenge group I'm in, a painting of a Jefferson Memorial photo (at night).

Vicki likes being goofy!


Erika Nelson said...

I'm so glad you described these challenges because being the one "at home" I get to do the administrative part of the household. The frustrating calls to offices that make me wonder how they exist as I seem to have to do everything for them. I usually feel my creative breathing space suffocated because these moments force me to think with the other WRONG side of the brain lol I'm sorry the universe wasn't cooperating with you today! I know your pain.

I'm playing hookie, not gonna be at the meeting. I had my fill of meeting - had 2 last Saturday's exhibitor's meeting and jurying newbies.

Haven't started my Jefferson piece either, but I started my self portrait - well I drew it in anyway.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

I'm getting jealous of anything that takes me away from painting. Guess we need these other intrusions so we will appreciate the life we artists get to lead!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

You can pretty much bet we lose our cool sometimes, especially when under stress. I could tell you stories.

Hang in there, Girl.