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Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Painting Day: Flemish color layer on peony

WOW, 7 hours without one phone call...Worked on the 1st color layer of the Peony. Was halfway intimidated to touch the 'dead' layer because it looked pretty good. Gutted up and did it anyway...otherwise how are you going to know if you can do this technique?

BUT, before that, here is a painting I did at Tim's over 3 class sessions. He was showing me how to get smooth skin tones. Not sure I totally 'got' it, tho. This was another of his challenges...'here, see what you can do with this!'. It was one of his figurative paintings. With no time to whine about it, I jumped right in and started. His is on canvas, mine is on gessoed panel. That is why my hair is so crisp...straight pigment that shows brush strokes. If I'd been at home, I probably would have messed with it and ruined the effect. After working on the face for 2 days, he showed me how to do this Fechin type of background.

After the peony blitz, I worked on 2nd session of my Diana Moses Botkin challenge group

His painting is first, and forgive the bad photo...there is some shine on it, but I assure you his is great!

Peony dead layer:
Peony 1st color layer (6th layer total)

Now here is today's slideshow process photos:

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Erika Nelson said...

Where is Leg O' Man?? I've been camping at my monitor with my sleeping back, propane stove and marshmallows waiting for leg o' man! Ok just gotta buy more pork n beans then.

Which redhead was yours, the a or b? Either way you duplicated the face. The peony is looking beautiful! I'm gonna have to buy more marshmallows and hotdogs while I wait for that one so I can be the first to comment :)

Hurray! Red painted today, she's a good gurrrl! muah!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Mine was B. Wish I had a better photo of hair is really bright because of the single layer on gesso board. I'll have to show you lego' man privately...or do you want to wait?

Theresa Rankin said...

Great work Vicki...the colors in the Peony are gorgeous!!!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

It was fun. Started out 'dabbing', then stopped me and wiped off what I had done (a good thing with this method...previous layers are dry). I then mixed (using my trusty color charts) all variations of colors I thought I'd need.

Went much easier that way!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Interesting to see the peony develop. Lovely job! Fun to see the skin work too.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

whew. friends ron and pam just left. they were the ones who tried to make me stop with the dead layer! Every step of the way on the color, I kept hearing them in my head. Fortunately, when they came in tonight they both said it was better.

Now I go to the french girls...can't wait!

I had a great time on tim's daughter. wonder how I can use this experience from my own source (photo or life) without having a painting to source? He did teach me how he does smooth skin tones, tho.

JulieMayser said...

Lovely work on the Peony, and Tim's daughter.... I was wondering if she was related to Tim, with that red hair! A beautiful girl... and both portraits are winners! Your peony is a show-stopper!
Julie M

vickiandrandyrossart said...

thanks, Julie. Makes a huge difference what support you use...tim's was on canvas, mine on gessoed panel. that is why my hair is so vibrant

Delmus said...

Hi Vicki, Thanks for the reminder! with all that has been happening this week, and watching History in the making, it's gonna be a great one!

The peony is gorgeous! The colors!
I've been inspired! Pulled out my idea folder and found the triple blossoms pink peony's that's been hiding in there since summer, and off to the canvas we went.

Put some close up's on the site so we can see the details of the pedals!

Best regards,
Fantastic Flower Art and Crazy Easy Oil Painting Lessons

vickiandrandyrossart said...

WOW! Delmus, you WROTE THE BOOK! I will post some closeups just for you!