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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things accomplished in 2008

I like looking back and being amazed at what I accomplished much more than empty 'wishes' or 'to do's' for 2009. I prescribe to the theory that if you get clear on what you want, it will happen. No voodoo, but if you aren't clear about your desires, there is no way the universe can provide!

So, here goes. Things Vicki accomplished in 2008

Completed year as Vice-President of the Village Art Club. The group is 30 or so years old, and has huge assets. Bella Vista was started as a retirement/vacation community with tons of golfers and retired people with enough time on their hands for the arts, golfing, other words, vibrant people who retired in their prime with enough time and money to enjoy life. In the past few years, the demographics of Bella Vista have changed...less expensive property, a new elementary school, and the tremendous growth in Northwest Arkansas. The people instrumental in forming and nurturing the VAC are getting older now, tired of the work of volunteering (with good reason) a group of younger members stepped up to the plate and had a successful year. My major role was for programs at the once a month meeting.

Was an active member of the Executive Oversight Committee for Poor Richard's Art, a cooperative gallery in downtown Rogers. My main role there was to create a manual for participating artists, and a book with information on shop procedures. Mission accomplished.

Created a website for free clipart based around google ads that generate income from 'hits'. Took the better part of 3 months, but learned a bunch of new internet tricks that will come in handy when I begin aggressively marketing my art online. Then google ads quit performing. duh.

In March, had a solo show at Julie Wait Designs Gallery down the street from Poor Richard's. A wonderful gallery spot, operated by PRA. Sold several paintings.

Theresa Rankin taught a 2-day workshop that coincided with the show opening...managed to do it all. She got me all excited about oils again. Took several group lessons with her for the next few weeks until she moved too far away to do a day trip. Major tip from TR: do a purse-sized portfolio to carry everywhere you go. Did mine by the next day.

Reconnected with Jim and Karen Buchan from Tulsa. He had signed up for the Charles Reid Workshop, and I recognized his name as the same as a guy I knew in college. He married my Big'Sis Karen, I was in their wedding, and they are still together. They drove over from Tulsa to see if we still had anything in common. We did.

In early April, joined Echo Mottee from Arlington, TX and her sisters who take a vacation every year...this year Eureka Springs. Drove over, spent the night. Next day went to do a bit of a gallery, Echo MADE me pull out my purse portfolio to show the gallery owner (who graciously agreed to look at it). 4 weeks later, I am invited to join Eurekan Gallery in Eureka Springs.

Attended a 14 day intensive workshop at La Bonne Etoile in France. Studied with Leslie B. DeMille and learned SO MUCH. Worked from live model every day, managed to get 2 days in Paris, brought home 10 or so pretty nice portraits in pastel and oil.

Was artist of the month for Guerilla Painters...manufacturers of the Guerilla Box. We just happen to have two of the 9x12 boxes and two of the thumboxes. Love 'em.

Coordinated pastel/oil workshop for the Ozark Pastel Society's annual show. With 6 weeks to spare, the committee hadn't found a judge. Since I had just been with Les, I volunteered to put it together. We had 18 artists. The workshop was sponsored by Jack Richeson who graciously provided quite a few sample materials for every participant, who filmed the demonstrations for use in a DVD. In order to bring enough revenue to break even, Mr. Les stayed with us...and we opened up the demonstrations to the public for $15 a head. That, in retrospect, was way too cheap. We had one local artist who attended every demo because she was too tight to join the workshop. Les and I also put together kits of his favorite pastels sticks...and she bought one of those, so I'm sure she thinks she can paint like Les now.

Won 4 awards in the OPS show. Mr. Les judged with the artist's signatures covered so there could be no way of knowing who the artists were. I'll take 'em!

Out of 280+ submissions from 5 states to the Artists of Northwest Arkansas show, 80+/- were selected to hang (max 2 per artist), I got two selected of the 80. Of the 80, about 25 were photography or 3-dimensional. I won 2nd place in the category 'Pastels and Drawing'. Whoo-Hoo!!!

Early October we sponsored Charles Reid in a 5 day workshop. We waited 2 years to get on his schedule and had 20 artists with 10-15 on a wait list. The workshop was full before the end of 2006! We had participants from New York, Tennessee, Ok City, Tulsa, Austin, a few local artists...and it was a superb week! A much more professional group of participants who were so pleased to even be in the same room with Charles.

Did a commissioned portrait of 2 of our friends who got married last year. On their wedding day they ran a 10k race...he in a bowtie and she in a veil. The newspaper got ahold of it and it was a great memory. That is the photo the moms and dads wanted painted as a surprise for their anniversary.

Began painting class with Timothy Tyler. Have completed 12 or so oil paintings that are very nice. Right now oil is my fav...when with Charles, it is watercolor...when with Kippy, it is pastel. 

Designed a new website for Les. Went live last week!

Got a new grandson, Liam (William Hunter Noble) born in September in Denver. Made a flying trip there in late October. He got to come to our house thanksgiving (along with M&D).

MOVED from the big house the week before Thanksgiving. Had our OPS xmas art xchange meeting in the new house the next Sat...then had family and friends over for t-giving day. THEN the 'rest of the stuff' came in from the old house. Total chaos. BUT, managed to do xmas here...and New Year's today. We still have boxes of mis-matched shoes in the bedroom, one garage full, the upstairs studio space full of boxes. Don't know how humans accumulate so much s**t!

My big easel is in mothballs awaiting the finish-out of the studio upstairs. In the meantime I am doing small oil panels in one end of the kitchen. And loving it.

Plus a monthly meeting for my Critique Group (we have a group show in 2009) at a local arts center...2 days a month working at Poor Richard's, One day a month with VAC, Floor Duty at the office and whenever Randy gets overloaded with real estate. One day a week with Tim painting.

OH, and started a blog that I've kept interest in...average 2x a week. Started an art challenge with Different Strokes for Different Folks where the blog moderator posts a photo and challenges participating artists to do a painting. In 2 weeks, she posts all the paintings. My first challenge is NOW, as a self-portrait. She mixed up the submitted photos and sent them out. We are all painting another artist we don't know! Mine is about finished. Maybe tomorrow!

Whew! And I intend to double my painting production in 2009.

No wonder I'm pooped! Jan 1, 2009 and all I accomplished was feeding 8 or so really great friends, watched a football game...where's the painting!!!! gotta get busy. time is awasting. work, work, play, work.


Erika Nelson said...

Goodness I'm both pooped and fulfilled upon reading up on your year WHEW! Man, makes me really perk up on your 2009, it's gonna be great, it's gonna be eye-poppingly delirious with wonderful new opportunities! Heck, we're in a show together in June! Like I said, it's gonna be great year! Congrats on your awesome 2008!

Julie said... ROCK!!! Hope your 2009 is every bit as much fun and satisfying as 2008!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wow! It's so cool to look back on the year and see what all was accomplished. That's a lot to top, but may 2009 be even more productive for you!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Yeah it is. Especially when my nature is to feel I have to be productive every minute. Makes me realize I am not lazy!