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Friday, March 27, 2009

La Bonne Etoile, Fontaine-Fourches, France

La Bonne Etoile
creating and recreating together

Those of you who know me, know that Randy and I are convinced that this spot is much more than 'a vacation'. The stress of the outside world stays outside. For at least 2 weeks, you get to relax and not do anything you don't want to do!

Randy and I have been twice together, first time for a month, second time for 2 weeks. I've been back twice by myself. Would buy a weekend 'place' there if it were feasible.

I've been assisting Kippy and Jerome for several years with their marketing, first with our joint collaborative effort that culminated in 'Mélanger avec Amour'. Or otherwise fondly referred to as 'The Book'. Follow the link to Lulu for preview pages.

This latest venture is announced NOW! The blog for La Bonne Etoile. Ta-ta-ta-DA! Kippy's sons are computer programmers, and insisted on WordPress for its versatility. I'd have thrown something together with Blogger THEN figured what I would want it to accomplish. When I heard what Kippy had on her mind, I agreed with them. This has potential to be a wonderful resource...Many national and internationally known artists are among the alumni, and we are hoping they choose to participate. Kippy has done a fabulous job of bringing this to life. Maybe now she will get back to painting!

The Studio at La Bonne Etoile

My function for this first little while will be to moderate 'The Clothesline Gallery" and "The Wall" pages of the blog, or as Gallery Director. The wall is at one end of the studio at LBE. At the end of every day, paintings are pinned to the wall for a continuous reminder of progress made. Those who are timid artists are reluctant to 'show their slip' with unfinished works, or studies. However, we quickly learn the necessity of writing our names on the backs of our the end of the trip you sometimes have trouble picking yours out of the batch!

The Clothesline Gallery is on the last night of our adventure. The entire community is invited to our Vernissage for champagne, snacks and art viewing (of the most finished pieces).

The Wall is for posting works in progress, or finished alla prima paintings (painted in one session). The Clothesline Gallery is for finished work. To participate, you must be an alumni of La Bonne Etoile. But, that shouldn't keep you from enjoying all the eye candy! There will be plenty of interaction here, with Jerome's 'J-Wiki' and all things French, articles written by Kippy and others.

So, follow Kippy's well written directions about how to join so you won't miss a thing!


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Ooh this looks and sounds like a lovely place.

I'm looking forward to seeing all our new Challenge paintings in a couple of weeks, aren't you?

vickiandrandyrossart said...

it is. be sure you register so you'll get emails as we develop it.

Yup! new challenge paintings soon...spent all afternoon researching ideas.