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Thursday, March 19, 2009

WIP Two to view!

After Zorn
Tim came up with a good one copy a painting by Anders Zorn. Zorn repeatedly only used FOUR pigments on his paintings, so that became part of the challenge! Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre, Cad Red Lt, and White.
Believe it or not, I did everything but the green with those 4 colors! We both decided there was NO EARTHLY way to get a bright green with the 4 colors. Tim got back on the computer and did more research and found that we were right...Zorn did use more!
I have about 90 minutes on this to finish...mostly her face and the background. Also, Zorn's original painting was 30x40" while mine is 9x12. No way I could get the detail he had! (that'z my storie and a'hm stickin' to it)
Worked today on some graphic design stuff...some exciting things you'll hear about soon...and around 3pm set out to paint. A few months ago I would just have plopped down to watch Oprah and do fun things on my MacBook Pro. But today? I did a painting! I now know that I can do something worthwhile in a couple hours.
I had a book on tape playing..."How Green Was My Valley" and at 6:20 I realized what time it was and I barely had time to shower for pizza night with our other daughter, Ashley. (more about that later, another time)

my setup shot, a beautiful handpainted wine glass with real peacock feather, given to me for my birthday a couple years ago by Rhonda. She thought I should be using it, but I had to take the tag off today to paint it!

view from the easel, sorta. It is hard to get the same view from a camera that you see when you are sitting up in your chair painting.

North light gone, this is photographed under house lights and you can see how different the light source is. Much more golden than the previous north light shots.
Can you imagine washing this glass with the stem all wrapped in gold wire with beads...AND a real peacock feather? Not me...I'll paint this one over and over.


Leslie N said...

Hi Vicki, yes it is me, I finally got a blog acct. yeah!!

I love this wine glass painting. You did great at Tim's yesterday. I am anxious for you to see what I am up to. I started on a painting this afternoon for the DSDF challenge. Fun to do. I'll give you a call. Don't forget to water those flowers!!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

not a blog virgin anymore, huh? Have fun this weekend at your workshop! You'll have a bunch to share, I hope!