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Monday, March 30, 2009

Paintings of the last week

As promised, here are the efforts of the last week (and one that was a hold over from the week before). And before you ask yourself if I do anything else but paint, let me tell you...not much. Although working on the new La Bonne Etoile blog for ad for the IAPS convention magazine...some floor duties, open houses here and there, NOT MUCH!

I've developed my habit (30 days is supposed to do that), so now I paint first, put off chores as long as possible. I'm gonna guard this habit faithfully.

This first painting is a Tim Challenge. Paint a copy of 'Mona' by Anders Zorn. And that wasn't the hardest part. Neither was painting it 9x12 (the original was 32x42"). The hard part was that I only had 4, yellow ochre, cad red light, and white. Rumor has it that Zorn only used these 4 pigments. Tim said later that he has always debunked the theory...and that if I couldn't get the colors, no one could. Don't know what he meant by that, soooo. Everything went great until the greens. There is NO possible way to get that bright green without either a blue or viridian or bottled green...I mean tube green.

Here is the original painting:

"Mona" by Anders Zorn 32x42" oil
here is the print-out Tim had ready for me, with my WIP:

The photo colors were a bit pinker than the original

Below, the mixes with the 4 pigments (the brighter colors are left over from previous paintings)
here is the final:
"Mona after Zorn" ©2009 Vicki Ross, oil on panel 9x12"

Two Cuties:
"Green Glass" "Peacock Glass" ©2009 Vicki Ross oil on panel, 6x12"

Another session on "For My Soul". Fixed the issue with the bricks on the left, scraped off some texture on the flowers, added a bit on the wrought iron so it didn't disappear behind the plant...toned down the greenery a bit. One more attack to 'push' the flowers a bit and I'll claim victory on this one!

"For My Soul" © Vicki Ross oil on canvas 18x18"
And another 'quickie'. I may go down in history as the artist who does brown jugs!

"Little Brown Jug" © 2009 Vicki Ross oil on panel 12x12"
That brings us to Thursday: worked on the Different Strokes From Different Folks challenge due this wednesday...I will go back in one more time:

"Beach" ©2009 Vicki Ross oil on canvas 6x12"
Then on Saturday I made a good start on a photo from Prague of the Charles Bridge, but it is pretty rough at this point. Hopefully, I will be able to do as much this week! And next week is the March Secret Moses Botkin Challenge painting announcement!


Erika Nelson said...

Love your Zorn piece, it's richer in colors and looks fresher than the original!

Ahh you did the DSDF! I hope I get a chance to do it, maybe tomorrow. Big MAYBE.

Curious about what kind of background you will put on the bottle?

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Yup. I attempted the DSFDF...didn't like the source photo...and I don't really care for little brown jugs. Jug is painted on gessoed panel, no background planned.

thanks for the compie re zorn. not my fav thing to do is copying another's painting.

Carrie Griesemer said...

I love your beach painting and the Zorn turned out really nice too. I like your habit, paint first THEN chores. I always do the opposite and I ran out of time to do the DSFDF this week : (

dominique eichi said...

very nice reflection for the DSFDF.

Vern Schwarz said...

Love the painting of Mona Vicki, the Two Cuties aren't cute, they're beautiful, as is For MY Soul. What a week! And a couple more in progresses that are looking great.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Carrie, it took while to put painting first. I still have some computer design work, and anything involving the internet and computer can completely take over. BUT, I manage to get 3-5 hours a day for painting.

Dominique, thanks! painting water is not something I do very often...we are certainly not near any beaches! are too kind! But, thanks for all the praise. I'm on a fast track to get better at painting.

Dean Grey said...


I love the way "For My Soul" turned out!

The bricks look fantastic! So many colors pumped into the brown bricks (yellows, reds, oranges, whites). Great job with that.

I really like the composition itself. The pot of hyacinths nestled in a sunny nook. Looks like something straight out of a garden magazine.


vickiandrandyrossart said...

thanks, dean...I am fortunate...that alcove is on my front porch! The bricks were easy for me, the flowers much harder. HAVE to finish it now from photos, since the flowers are past their prime.