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Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Pastel Works and a new Challenge this weekend!

I've had these in progress for several weeks, but for some reason wanted them 'finished' before posting.

The Peony was started with an acrylic underpainting, emulating (in my mind) the Flemish method I bastardized. Not sure it is worth the extra effort because pastels are opaque...oils used in this manner are more transparent. BUT, it was an excellent roadmap. I worked it from the top left to the lower right because all the values had already been worked out with the underpainting.

"Peony" Vicki Ross ©2009
12x16 pastel on Wallis Paper

The Jessie is from a photo I took xmas day. As usual (I am learning fast tho) the photo was not good enough to nail this easily...back lighting from a west/south window and some interior light, but overall her face was in shadow. Some rim lighting. When Jess saw it, she said I made her look pretty. Go figure. 17 and does not know that no portrait can make her prettier than she already is.
"Jessie" Vicki Ross ©2009
12x16" pastel on Velour Paper

"Sweet Dreams" is from a photo taken on our first trip to La Bonne Etoile in Fontaine-Fourches, France. Little Leo was around 5 in this photo...he sacked out on the sofa under the stairs, covered with the community cashmere blanket. The fire was crackling from the left front (wish there had been more evidence of that to put in)...and he was too hot, but those pink cheeks! I got a great start one afternoon, and woke up in the morning realizing I had planned the painting around the size of the paper...and had his little head almost 2x life size. You can see evidence of that in the slideshow.
"Sweet Dreams" Vicki Ross ©2009
18x24" pastel on Wallis Paper


Erika Nelson said...

I just love that little boy :)

vickiandrandyrossart said...

ain't he a cutie?

Marie Fox said...

Hi Vicki - So glad I stopped by your blog to find your gorgeous peony beneath all the eggplants! I like your idea of the roadmap for painting. I've tried it with flowers and it does help to see the values and not get lost in the details. This one is beautiful! And thank you for your sweet comment. I appreciate it very much. Marie