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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday at Tim's

I feel behind on everything! No wonder...out friday night (art salon at Tim's) and saturday night (Rhonda's birthday dinner out)...time change...up early on Monday for all day continuing ed class for real estate. Actually a great class! Our agency, Lindsey & Associates is recording ONE MILLION page views a month. Things are getting good there.

Tuesday was Village Art Club board meeting. I skipped out on the general meeting because I am hours away from completing THREE new pastel paintings I haven't blogged about yet! You are in for a surprise...

Wednesday, just about my favorite day, TIM's!

I started this painting a few weeks ago, and today I finished it. Seemed like a good day for a slow, deliberate finish. Tim spent quite a bit of time explaining that the last 10% effort is what takes a painting from good to great!

this is the first session...obviously needs some more work. The apple finally gave up on the artist and turned bad. Originally, there was a color shift...a slight one, but if you sit real still and look. The apple was a value more blue than the vase.
I slowed WAY down and micromanaged this finish.
halfway through...
Shades of Yellow!
©2009 Vicki Ross
We had a good lunch at Madame Wu's just across the way, came back for the final touches on Shades and I thought about quitting for the day. Nope, Tim already had another challenge set up.
Some sort of antique wine bottle
And behind it is a partially finished painting of a man-chest by Karen...just to add an element of color.
Tim was funny...he was working on his painting while I started on this one. When I was halfway he was surprised at the colors I used...said he would have advised against me seeing colors that weren't really there and that he hoped I wouldn't turn into a Flauvist (sp). BUT, that I pulled it off.
©2009 'Black Bottle' Vicki Ross. And here is the slideshow for those of you who enjoy them
OOPS! had to quit for dinner. Got hair done tonight, and Randy came in prepared to cook dinner for me 'n Diane. Chicken breasts with homemade pesto, some kind of new wild rice, salad with a homemade balsamic/olive oil dressing...rustic bread and baked apples for dessert! How lucky can 2 girls get?


Erika Nelson said...

Man that was some awesome dinner! And the painting look like you enjoyed painting! Bravo!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Yup, I'm enjoying painting. Just have to get some time to finish some stuff for this ACO crit group thing. In between two online challenge groups, Tim's all day event, some real estate, setting up a new challenge group for La Bonne Etoile in France, painting for national competitions, and, and, I make me tired. think I'll go back to bed. Oops, challenge due tomorrow. another due next wed. life of an artist.